In Honor of this Winter Snow Holiday and the New Year, last night I put out my new Crystal Bead Boughs -- Just for how they catch the Light

In Honor of this Winter Snow Holiday and the New Year, last night I put out my new Crystal Bead Boughs — Just for how they catch the Light

I know. I know.
Most people were done with that greeting in the first week of January.
But the Year is still New.

And New Year’s Day always seemed to me a Terrible Day to Launch Something.
Firstly, it’s a Federal Holiday in the USA, and a Holiday that most people Celebrate throughout the World
(Twenty-Four times, really — over a course of 24 hours, throughout all the different Time Zones!)
It’s a Time for Festivity.
It is Still Only the Seventh Day of Christmas and many of us are concentrating on that.
So to begin with Resolutions and Plans and Projections at that time seems premature.
Today is a Much Better Day for that! (more…)

Six More Things I Learned From Taking Down the Christmas Decorations

  1. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. IMG_4035

IMG_4021By switching from Masking Tape to Painter’s Tape, I can reuse the Door Foil from Year to Year… What a Beautiful discovery this was.
Even the pieces of tape can be used again!

  1. Nurture Your Creative Self

It takes some Extra Time, but Every Year the Wreath on the Door is a Bit Different… (more…)

Sixth Day of Christmas

NewYear MEme1New Year’s Eve
The Sixth Day of Christmas

Nothing to distract from the chaos of the Holidays like adding in Another Holiday in the Middle…
It has been several weeks of rushing about
And I am reminded of that Children’s Book in which the Little Boy wishes it could be Christmas Every Day, and then gets his wish…
And within only a week or two of eating big feasts at Every Meal, rushing around and seeing relatives, and not getting anything else done, he starts to go out of his mind.
Sometimes, just the Twelve Days of Christmas can begin to feel like too much…

It ain’t necessarily so. (more…)


Newtown High School, photographed by Producer, VAN DEAN

Newtown High School, photographed by Producer, VAN DEAN

December 14th, 2012: When the Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut happened, I worked very hard to avoid any news about it — Then the week before Christmas, I was sitting with MOM when the report came on playing tapes of the 911 Call from the teacher protecting the children in the Coat Room. I wept ceaselessly for a very long time.

Three months ago, a Wonderful Director I know named MICHAEL UNGER offered me the privilege of working with him Casting two Musicals for the 12.14 Foundation.


ImperfectRoseI Love
With my whole Heart
With my whole Mind
With my whole Soul

I do most things Impurfectly… (more…)


Here we are, some 35 Posts into this Journey…

I am not a Computer Age Kid.
I was Living in a Well Established World when the Internet changed everything
Before that, everything seemed to work pretty well.
Then I woke one morning to discover
that most of the skills I’d taken time to cultivate
had been rendered somewhat useless.
Pretty much overnight.
That’s OK.
Life is not about getting used to things.
At its Best, Life is about Learning New Things
Letting Go of what we know
And, by that, Knowing More… (more…)


HandsUpDoes it seem like No One wants your Gifts?
Offer ‘em Anyway!
They are not yours to Keep.
They are Yours to Give.

So, Offer ‘em Up! (more…)

My MOM’s Pizza Pans


IMG_2786Italians can be very superstitious about cooking.
I make my GrandMother’s Stroufeli probably closer to what hers tasted like than anyone else in the family. When she passed on, I inherited the pot in which she made it.
My Pizza Rustica is pretty good, but it lacks that authentic touch.
My cousin once told me the difference was in the crust.
“That’s because you may have gotten Grandma’s Stroufeli Pot, but I got her Rolling Pin!”

Spring has Sprung

20140315_133402 - Version 2Rebirth
Daylight Lengthens
Spring Begins…
Look closely.
There are buds on the twigs…


Happy Chinese New Year!


Chinese New Year
Jewish New Year
Regular New Year

So many different Calendars
So many different ways to tell Time
So many methods to measure the Moments…

The Lunar New Year is a time for Celebration
Also for Clearing Out the Old and Making Room for the New…
Letting Go of anything that’s broken or worn out — or Getting it Repaired;
Buying fresh Table Linens…
Rejuvenating… (more…)