In Honor of this Winter Snow Holiday and the New Year, last night I put out my new Crystal Bead Boughs -- Just for how they catch the Light

In Honor of this Winter Snow Holiday and the New Year, last night I put out my new Crystal Bead Boughs — Just for how they catch the Light

I know. I know.
Most people were done with that greeting in the first week of January.
But the Year is still New.

And New Year’s Day always seemed to me a Terrible Day to Launch Something.
Firstly, it’s a Federal Holiday in the USA, and a Holiday that most people Celebrate throughout the World
(Twenty-Four times, really — over a course of 24 hours, throughout all the different Time Zones!)
It’s a Time for Festivity.
It is Still Only the Seventh Day of Christmas and many of us are concentrating on that.
So to begin with Resolutions and Plans and Projections at that time seems premature.
Today is a Much Better Day for that!
It’s an Unexpected Snow Holiday (sort of) in New York.
The Mayor Declared yesterday that anyone driving a non-Emergency Vehicle will receive a $300 ticket!
Today it’s being called, “The Big Dud”
That’s Absurd!
So we expected 24 inches and got 8.
How many women throughout History have expected 8 inches, gotten less, and dealt with it just Fine!
It’s what you make of it!
It’s still a Full-Of-Wonder Snow Holiday!
And the Subways will not be running again until noon.
So if you have nowhere that you have to be…

Bring out Your Inner Child.
And Enjoy It!
If you’re somewhere without Snow, can you make it a pretend Snow Holiday?

A Snow Holiday
It’s Nature’s Beauty interrupting our Lives to say,
“Life is a Gift!
You need Do, Accomplish, or Achieve Nothing to Enjoy It!
It is Your BirthRight!
Just Be for Awhile!
Don’t it feel Real Good!”

How shall you spend your Gift?
It’s a Free Day, Early in the Year…
It’s a Great Day for a New Beginning!

Wanna’ Clean out that Closet Today?
Organize your Wrapping Paper?
Maybe go through some clothing and LET GO of some
(There’s people out there who need it!)
How about simply Letting Go?
Wanna’ Build a SnowMan?
When’s the last time you did that?
How about an ARTIST DATE?

JULIA CAMERON on Artist Dates

When was the Last Time that you gave yourself That Gift?

Maybe it’s a Day to simply Rest and Heal and Rejuvenate your Body?
Stay in Bed All Day if you Like!
How about a phone call to that Friend to whom you haven’t spoken in way too long?
Is there an elderly Neighbor who can’t get out?
How about Ringing their Bell and asking if there’s anything they need today or anything you can get for them?
Don’t know your Neighbors?
Ring the Bell and introduce yourself!

Wanna’ Cook Something?
Make Soup?
See if you can concoct an interesting New Recipe from just what you have in the Refrigerator…

Nature's Beauty, as seen from my window

Nature’s Beauty, as seen from my window

Write Something.
Start a New Website.
Get out some Record Albums or CDs — or even 8-Tracks if you still have your Player — and play some Favorite Music to which you have not listened in years.
Make Snow Angels
Invite Some Friends in the Neighborhood to a SnowBall Party (A Nice Friendly No-One-Gets-Hurt, Not-a-Fight, Kind of SnowBall Party!)
Create Something!
Knit or Sew or even Glue Some Felt
or Draw a Picture
Open Up

All those things you always say you want to do and you don’t have time for?
You have time today!

Start a New Work Out Routine
Read that Book that’s been sitting on your NightTable
Watch an Inspiring Video
Set the Clock for two or three hours and Update your Address Book
Write a Short Story
Or a Poem
Or a Haiku
Write a Love Letter (even if you never send it)
Take out those Paints, Pastels or WaterColors
How about a JigSaw Puzzle?
Try those Vocal Exercises
Or those Anti-Snoring Exercises (You can Google some)
Or those Psychic Ability Development Exercises…
Don’t Worry about whether or not you’ll be able to do it faithfully every day henceforth.
Just do it for Today…
“NOW is the Closest Approximation to Eternity that this World Offers.”

So don’t judge it as to whether or not you’ll be able to keep it up longterm.
Eternity is Now.

At a CrossRoads in your Life... Nature's Gifts may declutter and illuminate the path, so that you can see more Clearly

At a CrossRoads in your Life… Nature’s Gifts may declutter and illuminate the path, so that you can see more Clearly

Whatever New Year’s Resolution you set and Discarded,
Let it Go!
You don’t need that.
You just need to Live TODAY!
And Celebrate TODAY’s Gift
Which for Many of us is a Snow Holiday
And a Perfect Day to Begin the New Year
Without Judgement
And Without Regret

Today is the First Day of the Rest of the Year
Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life
Today is All that Any of Us has
Today is a Celebration
Today is Pure GIFT…

What will you do with this Amazing Miracle?

Happy New Year!

# # #

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