Six More Things I Learned From Taking Down the Christmas Decorations

  1. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. IMG_4035

IMG_4021By switching from Masking Tape to Painter’s Tape, I can reuse the Door Foil from Year to Year… What a Beautiful discovery this was.
Even the pieces of tape can be used again!

  1. Nurture Your Creative Self

It takes some Extra Time, but Every Year the Wreath on the Door is a Bit Different…
It’s one of my Favorite Creative Christmas Projects.
This requires that each year, it be disassembled, and all of the supplies (PineCones, Ribbons, Berries, etc.) be packed away with care and ready for the next time they are brought out and put up.
The extra time this takes allows for an array of supplies to be available from year to year. And this time is time spent nurturing my Creative Self.
What time can you take to Nurture Your Creative Self Today?

Our "Occupy Wall Street" Wreath filled with miniature protest signs and political statements

Our “Occupy Wall Street” Wreath filled with miniature protest signs and political statements

Our "I'll Have a Blue Christmas...AT LAST!" Wreath, following OBAMA's first Election

Our “I’ll Have a Blue Christmas…AT LAST!” Wreath, following OBAMA’s first Election

Our "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" Wreath... Everything in Miniature

Our “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” Wreath… Everything in Miniature

This Year's Wreath... Simply "JOY"

This Year’s Wreath… Simply “JOY”

  1. Make It Nice

Do you know this Trick?

Polishing the Silver

Polishing the Silver

After you Polish the Silver, wrap it in plastic wrap.
It won’t tarnish then, since no air will get in.
So you can polish your Silver SnowFlake CandleSticks, put them away for next year, and when you take them out again, they will be bright and shiny.
It’s a Little Extra Effort.

Wrapping it tightly in Plastic Wrap

Wrapping it tightly in Plastic Wrap

But it’s worth it.
Because it makes it Nice.
And that’s Reason Enough.

  1. Respect the Intention of the Original Artist

I teach this in my Musical Theater WorkShops, as well.

Detached... Looking a bit like a DareDevil Racer

Detached… Looking a bit like a DareDevil Racer

This AnnaLee Sleighing Duck came unglued from her sled.
We have been displaying her that way, and thinking she looked pretty good.
Another favorite gift I received from SANTA this year was a hot glue gun.
I wondered if I set her back to her original position…
She appears to be having Way More Fun Now…

ReGlued to her Blissful SnowPlay position

ReGlued to her Blissful SnowPlay position

  1. If You Can’t Do What You Used to Do, It’s OK. Do What You Can

When I was in my 20’s and 30’s, the Decorations — as extensive and intricate as they were even then, went up in a day, and came down in a day.
Now it takes a bit Longer.
It is true that I can’t do everything I used to do
Or at Least, Not as Quickly.
But I can do what I Can.
And one step at a time, I can still make things happen.
Living in Gratitude for all of it…

  1. Enjoy the Satisfaction of Your Work

It took a lot
And more days than I would have liked.
But it’s done.
I even vacuumed!
There’s still some sorting to be done, and a few repairs to be made.
But it was a Huge Project

And it is pretty much Completed Now…

Dance of JOY!
Let us Celebrate the Simple Accomplishments of Life!


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