20150222_145744Dormant — /dôrˈ mənt/adj. 1. In a state resembling sleep. 2. Latent. 3. Temporarily inactive — a dormant volcano. 4. Biol. In a condition of suspended growth or development. [Latin dormire, to sleep] dormancy n.
(of an animal) having normal physical functions suspended or slowed down for a period of time. “dormant butterflies”
syn. asleep, sleeping, resting, inactive, passive, inert, latent, quiescent
“the tubers lie dormant in the soil until spring”
(of a plant or bud) alive but not actively growing
(of a volcano) temporarily inactive.

The American Heritage & Oxford Dictionaries [combined]


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…Sound familiar?
Have you been lying dormant?
…sleeping, resting, inactive, passive, inert, latent, quiescent?

We have been through a great deal of snow this Winter here in the NorthEastern United States.
Slogging through snowbanks and slush.
Pushing through the inertia one feels — that desire to hibernate indoors until all of this passes.
Or pulling on our SnowBoots and trudging forward
Maybe even rushing out into the Magnificent Blanket of White to Play
Make Snow Angels
Build a SnowMan or a SnowLady
Or just Fall into it and Feel the Magic Wonder of it all
Whichever course of Action you have chosen thus far,
Has anything been Dormant?
Dormancy can be such a Powerful State.
Winter’s Peaceful and Rejuvenative Snows…
Hibernating like a Bear, asleep through the entire Season,
Ready to Awaken Revivified and with the Strength… well, of a Bear!
Ready to Raise our Arms in the Air and Roar…
That Burst of Energy — We humans often call it Spring Fever — is just about to Burst Forth
The First Day of Spring is a week away.
You can feel it having set the Clocks Ahead for DayLight Savings Time
And the slight tease of Bonus Daylight Hours in the early evening
(a bit too early for my taste, but still welcome)…
Have you been lying quietly like a seed or a tuber deep in the hard cold earth?
Have you felt pelted by Winter’s Heavy Rains?
Have you felt some sense of inertia, or unWillingness?
Nothing to Fear.
It’s just Your Soul sleeping, resting, inactive, passive, inert, latent, quiescent…
Take Heart!
For Spring is Close at Hand
Soon, You shall Awaken
And Bare Your Soul
You shall be Revitalized
and Discover that Being Dormant is not a Benumbed State of Lifelessness.
Rather it is a Most Necessary Quiescence
During Which Peacefulness and Transformation are Gestating
You will need this Rest and Rejuvenation and the Conservation of Energies for What lies Ahead.
Get Ready to Awaken…
Your Strength is Greater than you Know
And this maddening dormancy is just a period of time, drawing now to a close,
Out of which you shall Break Forth
With Your Spirit Blazing
Changing the World
Living Your Life Purpose.
Today is Lucky Friday the Thirteenth.
Tomorrow is Pi Day (3.14.15… Get it? J )
Spring draws nigh.
But Today
For this moment, Rest.
Be at Peace.
Soon, very soon, the Sun shall shine Brightly
And Awaken You to the untold Joys that lie in wait
A New Day Comes…
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