HandsUpDoes it seem like No One wants your Gifts?
Offer ‘em Anyway!
They are not yours to Keep.
They are Yours to Give.

So, Offer ‘em Up!

Your job may not employ all your Talents.
Notes that people commonly feel their talents are underused in the Jobs they hold:
“…you want to give it a million parts of yourself that nobody else wants there.
So you end up wrecking the conforming.
Jobs are not big enough for people…”

It can be Maddening, how Busy we are
And how Talented
Yet how other people may seem little interested in our Talents…
Don’t Matter.
Shine Your Light!
Put YourSelf Out There!

You do not need anyone or anything to help you.
Just Offer what you’ve Got!
Launch it!
Give it Away!
Allow other people to see what you do
So Brilliantly
And the Talent you possess
So Lavishly
Shine it On!


Speak Out!
Give It!
Give It!
Give It!
Fear Not!
Let Your Light Shine!
Be Powerful Beyond Measure!
Do it Well Just Because!
Be Your Exceptional Self!
LOVE without recompense!
Hold the Door for Someone!
Be Kind to a Stranger!
Be Your Brilliant, Gorgeous, Talented, Insanely Beautiful Self!
Play it Big!
Shout it Out!
Create What You Can!
Share What You Know!
Ask Questions!
It does not Matter if it seems No One is Interested in what you Have to Offer.
Your Gift might just be the Very Thing the World Needs Most.
How can you possibly know,
Unless you Shine it Outward and allow Yourself to be the Beacon of Light
that You Are Meant to Be?
If you do not Sing,
Then you will die with your Music still in You.
Even if no one Listens,
Yours is only to Let your Music Out!
And So Complete Yourself.

SPLASH All of the Paint You Can onto the Canvas of Life
Do Not Save Any of It for Later
Your resource of Color is Infinite.
Move Your Angel Wings
And FLY!

ChildoftheUniverseNurture Your Inner Child and Give the World what it Needs!
And Never Doubt the World needs Nurturing of its Children!
You are a Beloved Child of the Universe!
Create the Holy…
Create Wholly…

P 018My Father was never comfortable
accepting a Gift from his children.
I bought him a new computer once.
And he returned it.
I was beside myself.
How could he not appreciate the Gift I gave him?
The Time and the Care that went into choosing it for him?
How could he not see its Value?
How UnGrateful he seemed to me at the time!
Then I thought about God
And all of the Gifts that He has given to me
How unappreciative I had been by not using them!
The Time and the Care that went into choosing them for me!
How could I not see their Value?
How UnGrateful I must seem to Him!

And So, I stopped dwelling on all the Gifts I lacked
And began looking at those I had to Offer…
The sheer wealth of it.
I can afford to give them all away!
And Do.
If no one wants ‘em,
Give ‘Em Away Anyway!
You’re Rich!
Offering Flower
Let go of the idea that it is not worth offering!
You are your own worst Critic.
That does not mean that you are unnecessarily hard on yourself.
It means that you are the Least Qualified to Judge how Good it is!
You don’t Know.
All we can do is Offer what we’ve Got!

There is a Native American Saying that loosely translates,
“Show Up!
Pay Attention!
Tell the Truth!
Let Go of the Result!”

let-your-light-shine FemaleLet it Shine!
Let it Sing!
Let it Soar!
Let Your Voice Be Heard!
Give All You’ve Got!
Never Allow Yourself to think it is unwanted!
There are Others Out There Who need the very thing you have to offer.
Offer It
And they will come.
Offer It
Just Because.
Offer It
Because that is Why we are Here.

# # #

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  1. Love this!! This part impacted me: If you do not Sing,
    Then you will die with your Music still in You.

    That is one of the reasons I started my website, but I hadn’t thought of it in the way that you put it. Dying with the music in you is sad. Let it out. Yes!!

    You got me thinking many times in this post. The part about the gifts God gives us and if we are using them is one of those. Thank you for telling us to offer what we have , even if we aren’t sure it is good enough for others or if others need/will like it. I remember a similar talk you gave to me near the end of WOW NOW ;). And here I am, and here we are. Although I had been wanting to do it anyway, it was your nudge towards telling me to just do it that made me put the workshop together so quickly and easily. That is one of YOUR gifts. The ability to inspire action and banish self doubt. Thank you.

    • Thanx, REBEKAH!
      And it is a Gift to all of us that you are letting your Music Out!
      It does have that pebble in the ocean ripple effect…


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