Water Slide

Circular Water SlideDid you ever go to a Water Park?
I went to a few when I was a kid — not with regularity and I couldn’t tell you where
But I remember Water Slides
Climbing seemingly endless staircases to the top
Being given a mat of some kind
And sitting on it at the top of the Slide.
Ready to take off

I would hold on to the slight railing along my section of the slide,
Making My Way Down in Stops and Starts
Afraid to Let Go Completely


Here we are, some 35 Posts into this Journey…

I am not a Computer Age Kid.
I was Living in a Well Established World when the Internet changed everything
Before that, everything seemed to work pretty well.
Then I woke one morning to discover
that most of the skills I’d taken time to cultivate
had been rendered somewhat useless.
Pretty much overnight.
That’s OK.
Life is not about getting used to things.
At its Best, Life is about Learning New Things
Letting Go of what we know
And, by that, Knowing More… (more…)