Messy March 2018

A Meme from the Internet

Oh, the Weather outside is Messy!
But in here, I count my Blessings!
It’s Messy March, don’tcha’ know!
So, Let Go! Let Go! Let Go!

This post was intended to be put up on March 1st.
It’s a week Late!
Now, that’s’ MESSY!

Letting Go

live-trees-1“If need be, let go of everything, no exception, no exclusions. Nothing less than renewal of the Spirit is at stake.” — Ralph Bloom (The Book of Runes)

Letting Go
Letting Go of Ideas
Letting Go of PreConceived Notions
Letting Go of Any Thought that I know how to do this — or Anything!
Letting Go of a RelationShip
Of My Cherished Misconceptions
Of My twenty-year-old Body that I still carry in my mind thirty years Later.

Dead Leaves

2016-06-02 12.11.02“What are you doing?” I asked.
I was only a child when my MOM began to pull all the brittle withering leaves off of the plant in my windowsill.
“Ohhhh,” she shooed me away, admonishing, “You have to take off the old dead leaves. Otherwise they drain the plant.”

Motherhood requires, among other things, an uncanny ability to Let Go of what is unnecessary in favor of that which will survive.
It is to become an expert in How to Grow.
And Growth involves letting go of superfluous ballast so that the Balloon may Lift Higher.
Mothers know this.

It was one of those simple moments as a child
That meant nothing. And everything.

MESSY MARCH: The Celebration, 2016

20160315_230949It’s MESSY MARCH
Warm Spring Days give way to Snowstorms.
It’s a time when it’s OK to Make Mistakes.
It’s Always a time when it’s OK to Make Mistakes…

Try New Things
Kiss a Stranger
Laugh at our Foibles
And just generally take the Heat off
Remind Ourselves that Life is to be Enjoyed,
Pleasures Savored…
It is a Time of Wild Abandon!
This, in my mind, deserves a Celebration to mark the occasion!

It Begins…

RICK at Last Year's MESSY MARCH Celebration

RICK at Last Year’s MESSY MARCH Celebration

What again? Already?
And Do We Need it Now!

It is time to Let Go of All Judgement
Accept Imperfection.
Just Do It.
Not Worry About it.
Stop Polishing.
Be Human.
Create Something.
If it sucks and it’s a Total Mess, that’s Fine.
It’s Messy March! (more…)


Cut ‘em up and fry ‘em in a pan with a little bit of oil.
That’s all you have to do.

Ever watch Onions Cook?
They start out So Big and Robust — Raw and Hardy Vegetable Chunks.
They’re Beautiful.
And they make you Cry.

Then, the Heat gets to them.
They separate into thin strips.
They start to sweat.
It looks like things are gonna’ be pretty bad for the Onion.

Sautee’ ‘em a Bit.

Four Sunsets

The First Sunset

The First Sunset

The First was strangely Magnificent.



As if it had been summoned by some Glorious Deity

For Some Grand Occasion

And it was.


‘Twas likely no Greater or Lesser than any other of the

Twenty-thousand or so Sunsets of my Life thus far.

What set this one apart was that

I paused, quieted myself, and opened to it.


Nothing to Do.

One Gift: The Beautiful Sky

One Gift: The Beautiful Sky

A Morning in Provincetown.

Attempting a few days away

Sans Phone

Sans Laptop.

Looking out at the Ocean



Amidst the Peacefulness of Ocean and Sky,

I jump to my phone, as if by some automatic reflex in response to a few minutes of Nothing Happening

What must I be Missing?



For those of us who Celebrate Creative Freedom
Who Believe that there are No Mistakes
Who Delight in Opening to New Ideas
And Shun Conformity
For Whom there is Never Enough Time to Give Over to Reckless Artistic Abandon
Who Celebrate Whym
and Gut Reactions
And Those Who Still Follow Them…

Good News!
MESSY MARCH has been Extended! (more…)


RICK and his Friends Celebrating MESSY MARCH in BERLIN, 2012

RICK and his Friends Celebrating MESSY MARCH in BERLIN, 2012

And if you’re not making one, then you’re not trying hard enough!
This is MARCH.
Time to take Creative Risks
Make Mistakes
Try Anything you Want
You have Permission to Fail!

This is the Ideal time to mess up.
And if you try something you don’t really know how to do
And it ends up a total Mess,
then you did Good!
You are Celebrating MESSY MARCH!