Light ‘Em up

IMG_2120I like the Lights.
When I grew up, the Tree was put up on Christmas Eve.
Children awoke Christmas Morning and were told that Santa came and put up the Tree in the Night.
Parents are Amazing in their SuperPowers & what they can come up with…
The Lights and the Decorations were all a part of that one brief event: Christmas.

It has all grown very secular
And that’s fine if it makes it more accessible for more people.
Celebrating Kindness…
Celebrating Giving…
Celebrating Gratitude…
Celebrating God With Us…
All of these things are Christmas to me!
And all of them can be celebrated with a string of Lights, or a SnowFlake, or a Wreath or a Drum, as well as anything else.

Christmas Card 2014

IMG_2593Well, it’s Valentine’s Day Weekend, and we know what that means.
It’s time for my Christmas Card! For those who may not know, I have always celebrated Christmas with a Greeting of Words. I have always believed in the power of Words, and for years, I sent out cards with the words of others, celebrating the Joys of the Season. Now, in this Second Half of Life, I am finding my own Voice, and adding to the Words and Stories of our culture which Celebrate this most Wonderful Holiday. It takes me awhile to find just the right words, so my Christmas Card is offered traditionally sometime between the Twelve Days of Christmas and the First Day of Spring.
Nowadays, My Christmas Story is posted here electronically, at Live The Questions Now. Please feel free to “Like,” “Follow,” “Subscribe,” “Share,” Tell Your Friends, or just sit back with a mug of your favorite Hot Beverage and Enjoy a few minutes of Bonus ChristmasTime… I hope you enjoy this year’s Offering…

Six More Things I Learned From Taking Down the Christmas Decorations

  1. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. IMG_4035

IMG_4021By switching from Masking Tape to Painter’s Tape, I can reuse the Door Foil from Year to Year… What a Beautiful discovery this was.
Even the pieces of tape can be used again!

  1. Nurture Your Creative Self

It takes some Extra Time, but Every Year the Wreath on the Door is a Bit Different… (more…)

Five Things I Learned From Taking Down the Christmas Decorations


  1. If it’s not Fun, Get it out of the Way First!

Studies have shown that Kids who get home from School, and handle their HomeWork first before going out to Play, grow up to be more Well-Adjusted People capable of Much More than those who Play First, and leave their work responsibilities hanging over them.
Taking Down the Christmas Decorations is not anyone’s idea of Fun.
Get it Done.
Get it Over With.
And Get on to the Fun Stuff as soon as possible. (more…)

Eleventh Day of Christmas

IMG_3929Well, the Valentine Cards have been out for over a Week

And the Heart-Shaped Candy Boxes have been on display, as well…IMG_3877
But Look!
Elsewhere in Town…





Seventh Day of Christmas

Just disassembling the Front Door and its Wreath will take an hour or two

Just disassembling the Front Door and its Wreath will take an hour or two

Happy New Year.
And it’s still Christmas!

There is a kind of subtle dread that begins to creep in at this point in the process.
It’s New Year’s Day, and something tells me that by this weekend,
there will be a lot of barren Christmas Trees lying out on the curbside,
awaiting pick-up.
I admit it’s a Challenge to leave it up.
If we go all Twelve Days, it Ends Monday,
and then we cannot begin the UnDecorating until Tuesday —
meaning it will likely not happen until the following Weekend.
The Feeling of Joy starts to dwindle as the weight of the task ahead rises up
and begins to feel Herculean…
Fight It!
Fight for JOY! (more…)