I Am…





WAYNE DYER reminds us that these are two of the Most Powerful Words that exist, and we must bring consciousness to what we proclaim after them.
In the Jewish Torah and the Christian Bible, when MOSES asks GOD’s name, GOD Replies, “YAHWEH,” which means “I Am Who Am.”
Even GOD… The Great I AM… understands the profound significance of these Powerful Words.

And So, to the Question of Who Is ARNOLD J. MUNGIOLI?


…Living a Most Wondrous Life Adventure!
…On an Awe-Inspiringly Magical Journey
…a Coach
…a Writer
…a Teacher
…a Committed Partner
…a Good Son
….A Creative Soul
…a Man, just like any other Man, unlike any other Man
…a Member of MCC Church www.mccny.org
…an Equal Rights Advocate
…a Professional in the Entertainment Industry
…a Native New Yorker
…a Tony Voter
…a Member of the Casting Society of America
…an Advocate for Non-Traditional Casting and Inclusion in the Arts
…a Healer
…a Seeker
…a Fire
…an Empath
…an Indomitable Survivor
…a Twelve Step Recoverer
…a Great Lover of the Ocean
…God’s Creation
…a Pretty Great Uncle
…an Ardent Friend
…a GodFather Six Times Over
…a Nephew Emeritus
…a GodSon Emeritus
…an OK Cousin
…a Somewhat Exceptional First-Cousin, Once-Removed
…a Fairly Quiescent Second Cousin
…an Occasionally Lively Second Cousin, Once-Removed
…a rather torpid and disengaged Third Cousin
…and various other configurations of Cousindom
…an acceptable Brother-in-Law, with some really good moments
…only recently, a Proud, Thrilled, Elated and OverJoyed GrandUncle
…a Second-Generation Italian-American
…a Gay Italian Catholic Scorpio
…a Child of the Sixties
…a Shameless Flirt
…a Compassionate CareTaker
…a Bit of a Rebel
…a 9/11 Survivor
…a Big Gay Shaman, to some
…an Erudite Mentor, to Others
…a Student of Life
…a Believer in Miracles
…a Sender of Greeting Cards (Yes! The Paper Kind!)
…a Soldier in the Fight Against AIDS
…an AIDS WALK Participant since the Very First One on May 18th, 1986
…Honest as I Can Be
…Open and Opening
…Willing More than Willful
…Showing Up for My Life
…Courageous at Times
…Vulnerable Always
…Sometimes Chagrinned, but Ever UnDaunted
…Well, OK, Sometimes Massively Depressed, but Still Ever UnDaunted!
…a Lover of Music
…Obsessed with Beauty
…Opposed to Fracking
…Angry at Congress
…Confused by How a Government set up to be Of the People, By the People, For the People, could have gotten this Far Off Track
…Repulsed by the Self-Righteous So-Called “Moral,” So-Called “Majority”
…Delighted by Children
…Charmed by the Elderly
…Enchanted by Life
…a Witness to Miracles
…a Believer in Community
…Full of Wonder
…Occasionally Heroic
…Often Outspoken
…Probably Too Talkative
…Frequently Too Loud
…Rarely Subtle
…Never Patient
…Always Learning
…Living Out Loud
…Saying YES!
…Wearing Colorful Socks
…Enjoying the Second Half of Life
…a Pretty Good Cook
…known to make Chocolate Chip Cookies that rank among the Best in the World (I simply do not believe that there can be only one Best Chocolate Chip Cookie in the World… but I am confident that mine rank Among the Best)
…and now a Blogger

Let’s See… Anything I’ve Left Out?
Living a Most Wondrous Life Adventure, I Teach; I Coach; I Write.
I spend a Good Amount of Time taking care of my 87 Year Old Mother who is quite a Wondrous Magical Being herself. My Partner of 17 Years now Lives among the TreeHouses of the Pacific NorthWest, and I spend a Fair Amount of Time there as well… http://www.TreeHousePoint.com In my spare time, I enjoy a successful Career in Show Business as a Casting Director, Producer, Director, Author, Teacher, Career Coach, Audition Coach and Consultant.
I have a Great Affinity for Color, Light, Music, People, and Anything Creative.
In 2012, suddenly and unexpectedly, my Bodily function gave out and my Kidney function went down to 10%. For a while, it really looked as if it could go either way. Basically, my body was done, and left to its own devices, it would have ceased to function. However, through the Miracle of Modern Medical Technology (I had never been much of a fan of Western Medicine before that happened, but Now I think it’s Pretty Freakin’ INCREDIBLE!), I have been given this Extension on Life…some Borrowed Time. I mean, it’s All Borrowed Time, isn’t it? But when you’ve been through an experience like that, you are Gifted this Heightened Awareness. The Lighted Sky can be seen for what it is: An Extraordinary Miracle.
The Taste of a Fresh Peach…
The Sound of a Child’s Laughter…
A Tree…
A Leaf…
Living The Questions…

Everything Suddenly Shines as the Extraordinary Miracle that it is…
That it has Always Been…
Only Now, You can See That!

It is the Goal of this BLOG to help others to see that, as well…

When I was sick, a CoWorker of my Partner asked him if it would help for me to talk to someone she referred to as her “Angel Guide.” She gave him the phone number for the inestimable GARY QUINN www.GaryQuinn.tv, a rather Amazing Intuitive.
When I was well enough to dial a phone, which took awhile, I called him and we set up an appointment.
GARY knew nothing about me at all — I did not tell him that I had been sick, nor that I’d had major surgery only days before our conversation.
The first thing he said to me was, “ARNOLD, as I tune into you, I see that the Archangel RAPHAEL is with You.” Now, the last time I’d had a Psychic Reading, I was told that the Archangel MICHAEL was my Guide who was Always with me.
So I thought to myself, “Well, Hey! There’s only four Ninja Turtles they can choose from, so why not?” I’d barely had the moment it took to think this thought, when GARY added, “Actually, Wait! ARNOLD, the Archangel RAPHAEL is with you, but I see that the Archangel MICHAEL is with you and He is Surrounding you with Tremendous Healing Energy! Do you know that, ARNOLD? You are surrounded with SO MUCH HEALING ENERGY Right Now…”
This gave me great comfort. Again, I had not told GARY I was sick.

ArchAngel Michael

ArchAngel Michael

As we got further into the Conversation, he asked me, “Who is the Writer in your Life?” I could not think of anyone — though I do have good friends who are Writers, none of them came to mind in that moment.
“A Writer…” GARY continued.
“I have Writers I work with in my business,” I offered, “Colleagues…”
“No,” GARY responded, “This is someone Very Close to you. Someone Very Very Close to you…”
Although there are people with whom I am Very Close who Write, NoOne came to mind in that moment,
“Maybe Someone who wants to Write…” GARY continued, “Maybe Someone who has always thought about Writing, but just hasn’t done it yet…”
“OH!” I responded in a shaft of Revelation, “That sounds like Me!”
“Then it Must Be YOU!” he told me, “ARNOLD, Your Writer Self is going to have tremendous influence over you in this next while.” He went on, “In fact, I can see it… Yes! Yes, you are going to be Writing. That’s what you’re going to be doing… In fact, You’re going to have stuff out there by next month.”
It seemed a charming notion, though I could not see how.
Note that: The How is often not required. Once we have the What, if we are on the right track, the Universe will take care of the How.
Then GARY asked if I had any questions, and I told him of my illness.
I explained that up until a few months earlier, I had been the Healthiest Person I knew — barely ever been to a Hospital, except to visit someone.
GARY responded in a comforting and knowing way. He told me, “ARNOLD this is not unusual. I have seen it before. The body does not lie. You were holding onto some Negativity — some Negative Energy; some Lack of Forgiveness; Some resentment… And it manifested in your Body. I can see it, and you will not suffer any residual pain or condition from this. You will be completely Healed. It’s gone now. But you must Create more Positive Energy in Your Life. You must say, ‘YES!’ as often as possible — say it Fifty Times a Day! Just Say it out Loud! YES! YES! YES!”
And we said it together, in tandem:



Over and Over.
It was Great to feel the shift in Energy that that Created.

Some weeks later, feeling a bit better, but with one more surgery still to go, My Partner, who knew nothing about GARY’s Writing Prediction, told me that he had a Birthday Present in mind for me, but as it was something that I would have to commit to doing, he needed to ask me first if it was something I would like. I said, “OK,” and asked what it was.
“SARK is offering a Writing WorkShop,” he began.
“NO!” I interrupted him in a knee-jerk reaction. “NO WAY! Are you Crazy!? That would be So Expensive! I do not need to study with such a famous Author! That’s Crazy! NO! NOPE! Unh-Uh…”
“Just Calm Down,” he told me. “Don’t worry about the money. You have given me plenty of really nice Birthday Presents. I just want to know if it’s something you would do, if I gave it to you, and signed you up for it.”
“No!” I continued. “I do not need anything so fancy. There is No Way…” and then I heard myself.
I paused, took a deep Breath, looked him in the eyes, and I said, “YES!”
I added slowly and thoughtfully, “YES! Thank You! That would be a WONDERFUL Present! Thank You! YES! I would Love that! YES!”
My Partner was delighted, and I was signed up for WRITE IT NOW with SARK (WINS).
SARK has been such a Great Support and Mentor for Me in my Life and My Writing!
She is Such an Amazing and Magical Being! www.PlanetSARK.com

And GARY was right. Only a few weeks after we spoke, I wrote something, and was encouraged to submit it to the Featured Writer Post on the Website for WINS. It was Posted, and I had stuff Out There…

I continued with WINS, and WOWS through Five Incarnations.
I learned abut Blogging and Business Strategies from the Very Smart DORI ETTER www.DoriEtter.com , and I have continued with another member of that community, REBEKAH MERRY LIFE BRINGER on Weaving Wondrous Websites www.WeLiveInspired.com , learning more about Blogging, the tools available, and how to navigate this Journey of Getting My Writing Out there in the Blogosphere.

I have Countless Friends and Family members, and my Partner, to Thank for FeedBack and Sharing and Supporting me in my Writing Journey and Getting My Writing out there, and I am So Grateful for YOU
who Come byAt the Fountain
Stumble upon this Space
Seek this place out
Mud Wrestle with the Angel
and Live the Questions Now…

Words cast spells that's why it's called spelling words are energy use wisely

Thank You for Being here…

Please know you are Welcome.

And Enjoy the Miracle of Today.

# # #

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  1. Hi Arnold, Am I your first visitor? Have a grand time with your ltqn! Much success to you. Victoria H (Passion Shaker) [I’m in WINS]

  2. Dan Kagan

     /  December 16, 2013

    i’m here! Hope you are great.

  3. ginny muecke

     /  February 15, 2014

    Love you Arnold!

    • A belated response… OOOOH, Lookie! I am learning where the Reply Button is in the Comments Section! ;>) Thanks for Visiting… Love You Back! XXOO

  4. Terry Burrell

     /  February 29, 2016

    As usual your Christmas letter left me grinning from ear to ear. You have always had a way with words but it’s gotten even better. You are a mystical, magical being and I am just plain delighted to call you my friend. Happy New Year !!!

  5. I am….becoming a musician I respect for my hard work.
    You are…..my Arnold, whom we all miss and hope you become super healthy and are part of our lives forever, even though you spend way too much time on the computer.

  6. Chava Gal-Or

     /  May 9, 2018

    I am…..
    a beautiful testimony to life & living.

    Wow & thank you!


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