Here we are, some 35 Posts into this Journey…

I am not a Computer Age Kid.
I was Living in a Well Established World when the Internet changed everything
Before that, everything seemed to work pretty well.
Then I woke one morning to discover
that most of the skills I’d taken time to cultivate
had been rendered somewhat useless.
Pretty much overnight.
That’s OK.
Life is not about getting used to things.
At its Best, Life is about Learning New Things
Letting Go of what we know
And, by that, Knowing More…

So, still playing catch-up, like so many others of my generation,
my way of working on the internet is kinda’ to do whatever I see other people do.
And I have commonly seen other people do a Google Image Search
and use whatever they find.
So that’s what I did.

Making Mistakes.
Doing it Wrong.
Doing it Over Again.
Trying to get it right.


I have recently the pleasure of a Wonderful Class for Bloggers with REBEKAH at
I have Learned a Great Deal.
There we covered the Use of Images.

When the Merry Life Bringer REBEKAH said to me,
“Well, No. You can’t really do that. We need to respect CopyRight Laws,”
Immediately it had the clear ring of Truth
And I knew it was right
And I had been wrong.

It’s Funny, because I am So Hypersensitive about these issues when it comes to Recording, Music, and things of my Era…
But this just seemed to be part and parcel to the way it had all come into this World
As long as you paid Verizon or Time Warner or some Corporate Behemoth
their monthly fee
Everything was yours!

And Now,
The Gift of Clarity is received…
Even Clarity of the Seemingly Obvious.
Verizon and Time Warner may gouge us
But it doesn’t actually give me the right to someone else’s Images
Even if I’ve no idea who that someone else might be.
I see this now.
And I apologize for any images used previously without permission.

And So Begins a New Leg of the Journey.
It feels like it will make it more difficult.
It feels like using Images of my own might make this “not as good.”
I have never been a photographer.

But I am willing to Let Go of what I know
and Open Up to what this next Step of the Adventure has to teach me…

I shall find a way to make amends
Perhaps a contribution to some organization or campaign to protect Copyright Laws
I shall find a way to make some recompense to others for their work that has appeared here…
In the Meanwhile
I Continue to evolve in my understanding of all of this.
I Thank You for your Patience as I figure out how to Communicate
in this new mode of Expression…

What about You?
Is there something you’re Afraid won’t be as Good that you could be willing to try
if it will make what you are doing more Wholly Your Own?
Is there something You’ve been doing that could benefit from a move toward Greater Truth, however Humbling?
Is there something you need to Let Go of?
Are you Willing to Embrace the next Leg of the Adventure?
Will you perform on the trapeze of Life without a Net,
Just for today?
Will you take the Risk and express yourself in modes and ways that are unfamiliar?
Are you willing to Let Go of Control on this One?
Are you Willing to Live more in your Truth
even if the pictures might not be as Pretty as Somebody Else’s Truth?
Are you willing to add your pure and unique voice into the Choir of All People because without you that Sound would be absent?
Will you move forward,
even though with each step it may be just a little more difficult,
just a little more time-consuming,
just a little less how you thought it would be?

Are you willing to receive the Strength that comes from choosing to be more Vulnerable?

# # #

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  1. I’m ready to live and be fearless! Thank you!

  2. andreawd2014

     /  June 17, 2014

    Great posting!

    Andrea Weissman-Daniels Co-Founder and Chair SPARK c) 416 317-9823


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