Sixth Day of Christmas

NewYear MEme1New Year’s Eve
The Sixth Day of Christmas

Nothing to distract from the chaos of the Holidays like adding in Another Holiday in the Middle…
It has been several weeks of rushing about
And I am reminded of that Children’s Book in which the Little Boy wishes it could be Christmas Every Day, and then gets his wish…
And within only a week or two of eating big feasts at Every Meal, rushing around and seeing relatives, and not getting anything else done, he starts to go out of his mind.
Sometimes, just the Twelve Days of Christmas can begin to feel like too much…

It ain’t necessarily so.

Truly, it all dovetails together So Beautifully…
The Joyfulness of Christmas
The Doing Good
The Helping Others
The Kindness
The Beauty in the midst of the Winter Solstice
The Perfect Season, in the midst of which, to begin a New Year…

And the Next Big Corporate Sell will be for Gym MemberShips, Jenny Craig, and capitalizing on New Year Resolutions we make thinking we are not Good Enough…
NewsFlash on this Sixth Day of Christmas:
You are Good Enough!
Enjoy Your Beautiful Body!
Enjoy This Beautiful World!
Enjoy this Beautiful Year Ending and All its Happy Memories!
And Enjoy this New Year Beginning
And that You are Here to Begin it…
In Keeping with the Season, this Sixth Day of Christmas,
I keep seeing Ideas about a Jar in which to write down and store notes of
Happy Happenings, Accomplishments, and Good Things that Occur…
There are Several Versions of this Floating Around
And it seems like a Wonderful Idea!
Kind of a 3D Gratitude Journal…
Just jot down each day whatever Wonderful Thing has happened to you
Recognize that even on the Worst Day, Something Wonderful Happens.
It’s sort of an Exercise in Opening Our Own Eyes.
Then, Next New Year’s Eve — The Sixth Day of Christmas 2015 —
Open up the Container and Look at What a Wonderful Year it’s been.

This is one of the ads I've seen promoting this Practice

This is one of the ads I’ve seen promoting this Practice

I expect I shall get myself a Really Fabulous God Box for this Purpose
Though a Jar works just as well.
And if you’ve no jar or Fabulous God Box tonight from this past year
You can do this
By Delving into your Memory
And Celebrating in Gratitude…
What are the ten Most Wonderful Moments you remember of 2014?
Let us Lift them up in Gratitude!

Happy New Year!
Happy Sixth Day of Christmas.

Day Six.

# # #

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