Nothing to Do.

One Gift: The Beautiful Sky

One Gift: The Beautiful Sky

A Morning in Provincetown.

Attempting a few days away

Sans Phone

Sans Laptop.

Looking out at the Ocean



Amidst the Peacefulness of Ocean and Sky,

I jump to my phone, as if by some automatic reflex in response to a few minutes of Nothing Happening

What must I be Missing?

Checking Emails

Looking to see if there’s a Text…

But this morning, there is not much in my Inbox that requires my attention.


How challenging I find it to reconnect with this person who, even five years ago,

had no trouble leaving all technology behind

and walking down to the beach for the day.

Not giving a thought to that for which others might petulantly insist upon an immediate response.

How Difficult it has grown to reconnect with that Self-Determined, Nonconformist Freedom

That Hungered-For Rejuvenation

That Essential Nourishment of the Soul.

And Feeling how Difficult it is elucidates how Necessary it is.

So, as the rain stops, on this Breezy and Still OverCast Saturday Morning in New England,

I put away my Laptop,

Don my New Bathing Suit,

And head for a walk on the Beach

So that God’s Great Miracle of the Magnificent Ocean

Can speak to me its Reassurance and Constancy

As it did 5,000 Years before Humankind

As it will, 5,000 Years after.

I practice Listening.

I am out of practice.

Another Gift: The Water

Another Gift: The Water

I stare at the repetitive motion of the waves, like an autistic child,

never growing tired of it, newly fascinated by each tiny ripple,

Seeing each new gentle crash as a Completely New Event to Discover,

unlike any other that has ever happened

Or will ever happen again.

Like Snowflakes

Like People

Minute Waves…


The Ocean whispers, “When the Story of your Life is told,

There will be these things that came to pass.

And the Question will be,

‘Were you Fully Present and Involved in the Doing of these things?’

The Success or Failure of Your Life will be realized by the Answer to this Question.”

And Comes the sound of another wave crashing

Washing Away the Past into a New Present Moment

Each a Gift



Another Gift: The Sunset

Another Gift: The Sunset

A friend told me recently of a friend of his having a sex date.

A Very Handsome Man lifted his friend’s legs in the air,

And as they began to have intercourse, the Handsome Man tossed his phone on his friend’s stomach so that he could Check Emails While Fucking!!!

May we agree that as a society we have gone too far now?


We need Silence.

We need to turn off all the Blips and Beeps and Whistles and Warning Lights.

We need to hear our innermost thoughts.

Hear the sadness and confusion and Raging Cries hidden beneath the Quiet.

The Anger and Unresolvedness…

So that they can Heal

And we can get to the Gratitude;

Experience the Joy that Beams Luminously at our Very Core

Genuine and Rich like Flourless Chocolate Cake.

So Sweet

So Scrumptious

At the end of a meal…

Another Gift: The SuperMoon

Another Gift: The SuperMoon

So, No Matter How many Pressures it seems are Imposing Upon You and pulling at your shirtsleeves,

No Matter How many E-mails and texts are calling for your Immediate Attention,

No Matter How Much People can convince you that What they Need from you is More Important than what you Need for YourSelf…

Allow the Silence…


Walk to the Beach.

Hear the Ocean.

Let the Emails wait while you give YourSelf a bit of time to Think.

Listen to Your Inner Voice

Nourish Your Soul

And Another Gift: A Lunar Eclipse of the Super Moon: The Only One that happens between 1982 and 2033

And Another Gift: A Lunar Eclipse of the Super Moon: The Only One that happens between 1982 and 2033

And Never Never Never Read Emails while Fucking…


# # #

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  1. Michael Walters

     /  September 28, 2015

    I LOVE this one ~ poignant and funny funny funny!



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