Four Sunsets

The First Sunset

The First Sunset

The First was strangely Magnificent.



As if it had been summoned by some Glorious Deity

For Some Grand Occasion

And it was.


‘Twas likely no Greater or Lesser than any other of the

Twenty-thousand or so Sunsets of my Life thus far.

What set this one apart was that

I paused, quieted myself, and opened to it.

Give Time to Notice the Miracle

Of the Sun

The Day

Time Passing

All the Beauty

Of This Life…

Gratitude filled me as the pastel light colored the Clouds

And just as the enormous flecks of Cloud made it seem a ColorBurst of Sorts

I Opened and Released the Idea that I needed to be anywhere but where I was

Doing exactly what I was doing.


The First Sunset was a Gift of Presence.


The Second Sunset

The Second Sunset

The Second Sunset

The Second Sunset

The Second was a bit Grayer in tone

Less Bright Yellow and Orange against a Blue Sky

More of a Gray Sky, which made the Light Whiter by comparison

Just as Gray Times make our Joys even More Full-Of-Wonder

Strange to Notice Two such Magnificent Occurrences

in as many Days.

As it was Autumn, it hadn’t occurred to anyone else to walk out to the Beach,

though it was quite Beautiful There

and Countless Gifts were to be Found.


This Second Sunset was a Gift of Gratitude.


The Third Sunset

The Third Sunset

The Third Sunset

The Third Sunset

The Third Sunset was Bright like Fire on the Horizon

Red at its core

Flaming Orange

Burning Yellow

A Hint of Green where its conflagration faded back to sky

A Gentle Blue above

And if one were to tilt back one’s head, as I did, one might see genuine Indigo,

And then an expanse of Violet

Looking back toward the SuperMoon Rising behind, in the distance…


And Behind You...

And Behind You…

Nature in Ardent Fullness of Expression and an Impassioned Celebration of Itself.

It began to feel as though it were an ordinary, not-particularly special Birthday

And a Friend you Love but only talk to occasionally

And hadn’t seen in awhile

Showed up at your door

And gave you a Car

A Porsche

Or a Rolls Royce

Or maybe a House — Like a Mansion

And just said, “This is for You!”

And you felt somehow unjustified in receiving a Gift of Such Inordinate Value.

What have I done to deserve something like this?

It’s Too Much.

I don’t know how to receive such an Unwarranted Tribute!

Truly Humbling.


This Third Sunset was a Gift of Humility.


The Best Definition of Humility I have heard is:

Humility is an Awareness of Who we Really Are Today

And a Willingness to Become All that we Can Be.


So perhaps we are Worthy of such a Sunset

Perhaps we are, in Truth, So Loved

So Cherished

So Deeply Valued

Perhaps these Gifts are Indeed Just for Us…


What did I Ever Do to deserve Resplendent Pleasure such as this?


The Fourth Sunset

The Fourth Sunset

The Fourth Sunset

The Fourth Sunset

And Another…

The Fourth Sunset afforded Peaceful Blues and Grays.

Storm Systems were imminent

and the Sky was Giving First the Gift of Peace

To Ignite Serenity Within

It was as though the Whole World had turned to Ocean and Sky

Tranquil Cerulean Blues and Soothing Grays…

A Benediction of Sorts.


And suddenly, what is Awakened in me

Is the Keen Awareness of the Passing of Time.

A Day has passed

And Another

And Another

And Another


A Life has passed

And Another

And Another

And Another


And One Day, our own time will be up.

We shall experience our Own Sunset.

May we Embrace It

Burst with Beauty and Jubilation at the Miracle of Life

Aglow in Flaming Orange

Lustrous in Blue Stillness

Even for Just this Day we have Lived

Let us Celebrate!


This Fourth Sunset was a Gift of Letting Go.


That is how it happened.

A Celebration of the Day

Four Days in a Row

Autumn Sunsets…


The Fourth Sunset

The Fourth Sunset

I noticed them

And that was all it took

For me to Fall in Love with the Earth Again.


And How could the Universe that placed the Sun in the Sky

Shining its maximum potential for Beauty and Light,

Not have placed me Exactly where I am Right Now

with the Same Intention?


The Sun Shines

And So Must I.



# # #








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  1. andreawd2014

     /  October 9, 2015

    You are so beautiful.

    Andrea Weissman-Daniels Co-Founder and Chair SPARK c) 416 317-9823


  2. Oh, Arnold, this is one to read and re-read, then pull out again on those days when I rise with worries intact, only to look out at a sky that tells me I am loved. Not because of anything I have done or will do. Not because of any talents I may have finally gotten around to testing. Not because I am anything other than an ordinary human being on an ordinary day, blessed to be living on an extraordinarily generous planet.

  3. Ford austin

     /  October 12, 2015

    You are the sunset. I love you.


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