Letting Go

live-trees-1“If need be, let go of everything, no exception, no exclusions. Nothing less than renewal of the Spirit is at stake.” — Ralph Bloom (The Book of Runes)

Letting Go
Letting Go of Ideas
Letting Go of PreConceived Notions
Letting Go of Any Thought that I know how to do this — or Anything!
Letting Go of a RelationShip
Of My Cherished Misconceptions
Of My twenty-year-old Body that I still carry in my mind thirty years Later.

Letting Go of who I thought you were.
Letting Go of who I thought I was.
Letting Go of America and the Idea that it will Always Be
Letting Go of this Election
Letting Go of my Predilections.
Letting Go of my Twenty Year Old Erection
(That’s a Joke for the men over forty among us!)
DONALD tRUMP is a Joke.
I wish that were True.
He is as Real as Anything else with which I cannot contend, at the moment.
Letting Go of the Idea that I need to Contend.

Letting Go of Desire.
Letting Go of Knowing.
Letting Go of the Pain of Attachment.
Letting Go of MOM, who is almost Ninety.
Letting Go of DAD who Left his Physical Body five years ago.
Letting Go of the Children I never Had.
Of the Career that I did Have.
Of the Idea of Success as such a Limited and Narrow Margin,
when it Is, in fact, as Infinite as the Ocean.live-trees-3

Letting Go of My Inner Critics.
Let Go!
Let Go!
Let Go!…
OK, well, Holding On to them, I Guess!

Letting Go of the Need for People to Like Me.
Letting Go of the things I thought I’d Let Go of So Many Years Ago!
Letting Go of the Years!
Letting Go of Letting Myself Go!
Letting Go of Holding On!
Letting Go of All But My Curiosity!live-trees-2

The Leaves are Falling and the Breezes are Swirling with Colors!
Orange and Gold and Burgundy and
It is Cold Enough to feel we need to wear a Coat
Yet Warm Enough to feel we can Let Go of that too!
The Trees are all about us,
Showing Us How Beautiful this Process can Be.
And Drop Everything!
Letting Go can be Beautiful!

Let Go.live-trees-4

# # #

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  1. Denise L Ostler

     /  November 28, 2016

    I so relate!

  2. Love this post, Arnold. Relating so much.

    • Thanx, DENISE! We can all use a little more Letting Go. I know everybody is already onto Christmas. But I am relishing the Letting Go of Autumn! 🙂 XXOO

  3. Ah, the beauty of letting go…I’ll look at the bare trees and piles of leaves differently today.


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