Messy March 2018

A Meme from the Internet

Oh, the Weather outside is Messy!
But in here, I count my Blessings!
It’s Messy March, don’tcha’ know!
So, Let Go! Let Go! Let Go!

This post was intended to be put up on March 1st.
It’s a week Late!
Now, that’s’ MESSY!
It’s here again!
And Messier than Ever!
One of my Favorite Times of Year!

It is a time that reminds us that we have Permission to make Mistakes!
Life Mistakes!
The kind that we are generally embarrassed by, but don’t really need to be!
The kind that seem to happen to us!
The kind that we find ourselves in!

A Meme from the Internet 

The Oxford Dictionaries define MESSY as:

  1. Untidy or dirty
  2. Generating or Involving Mess
  3. (of a situation) confused and difficult to deal with

Urban Dictionary, among several definitions, offers:
When something is out of control in a good way,
e.g.: This party is messy!

And Difficult
And Out of Control…
Anyone else feeling that way?
Of Course we are! It’s Messy March!

Go Ahead!
Write the Worst Draft you possibly can!
Paint the Worst Picture you can possibly think of!
Dance the Sloppy Chubby Dance!
It’s Messy March!
Mistakes are Welcome!
There is a plethora of rubber erasers and we all have ‘delete” buttons!
Some of us even have White-Out! And Ink Eradicator!
There is no mistake we can make that is too big!
Make Some Mistakes!
Risk All!

Finger Paint and Eat Ice Cream with your Fingers and go stand out in the Public Park and Sing Opera!
and Try some new Exercises
and Open Up that Rock Tumbler Kit!

Homemade Calzones! Proving once again that Messy can be Delicious!

Can’t Sing? Sing Anyway!
Can’t Dance? Dance Anyway!
Don’t like Sex because it’s too Messy? Get Messy!
Like to eat out because it’s neater? Cook at Home and use Every Pot and Dish in the Kitchen!
It’s Messy March!

This is the time of year when we let go of restraint!
We do it wrong, goshdarnitt! But we DO IT!
And we Celebrate That!

You know that outfit you never wear?
Pull it out of the Closet and Put it On!
You know those foods you never eat?
It is a time much more of Artichokes and Asparagus and Poi than it is Bananas and Utensils!

Just look at our Government!
What a Mess!
C’mon, whatever side you are on, we all admit this is a Mess, right?
And from out of that Mess, comes a Group of Young Students!
And they Lift their voices and their hearts and they speak out for what they need!
And suddenly,
From such a Mess,
I see a Future Bright with promise!

That’s the Point!
Welcome the Mess!
Wade into the Mess!
Brave the Mess!
Love the Mess!
It’s Messy March!

And once we see the Mess for what it is!
Once we Accept the Mess we find ourselves in!
From that place, we can create out of it whatever we would like it to Be!
We can see it!
We can acknowledge it!
We can Embrace it!
And we can Build Castles from that Mortar!
And we can Sing!
And we can Dance!
And we can Run Naked on the Beach!
And Yes, it’s freakin’ Cold!
But there is No Bad Time for Running Naked on the Beach!

Is there Anything Messier than the New York City Subway System these days!

We can embrace those Life Experiences which we fear!
We can try a new Healing Potion!
We can Cry!
And Feel!
And Make the Best of the Mess!
Better Yet, we can Celebrate the Mess!

I don’t know about you, but I have noticed that stuff is not Going Well!
Well, guess what?
Most of the time, stuff does not Go Well!
That’s the Norm!
HAROLD CLURMAN used to say,
“People ask me, when a show goes wrong — when I have a failure — they ask me, ‘Harold, what happened!?’ and I say to them, ‘Whaddayou asking me what happened!? It is the natural state of theater that shows are failure! You try things! You get Creative! You make a show! And of course it’s a failure! THAT is the Natural Order of things! You should ask me this question when I have a Success! When I have a Success, that’s the time to say to me, ‘HAROLD, you had a Success! What happened!!!???’’”
Or as BEVERLY SILLS once said,
“In my entire career I sang the way I wanted to six times. The rest of the time I just did the best I could.”

Just, let’s do the Best we Can!
And Maybe, that’s our Process!
Maybe That’s a Good Thing!
Maybe, when we die and transition to the next place, we shall look back and realize that the Messiest Times were truly the Times of our Lives!


A Cartoon from the Internet

# # #

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