For those of us who Celebrate Creative Freedom
Who Believe that there are No Mistakes
Who Delight in Opening to New Ideas
And Shun Conformity
For Whom there is Never Enough Time to Give Over to Reckless Artistic Abandon
Who Celebrate Whym
and Gut Reactions
And Those Who Still Follow Them…

Good News!
MESSY MARCH has been Extended!
My Friend RICK, the Wonderful Adventurer, and I always Celebrate MESSY MARCH together.
This Year, MARCH was Such a Mess that we couldn’t make it happen until the Very Last Day!
And so, on March 31st, we set out to get some FingerPaints….
We were Shocked and Dismayed that FingerPaints are now sold “Mess Free”
As are Coloring, Doodling and Tons of Stuff.

IMG_4469 IMG_4468 IMG_4466 IMG_4465 IMG_4464
Talk about Missing the Point!
Have FUN!
Finally, we Found ‘Em!

We Grabbed some Chinese Food and splayed sheets of PosterBoard on the Living Room Floor!
This is LIVING!
So the Living Room seemed a Good Place for it!
“I just Love that you always have PosterBoard,” RICK commented.
IMG_4474We squirted out FingerPaints and Mixed Colors…
RICK, the Wonderful Adventurer, immediately set about to create Orange
I, Purple.
IMG_4479I decided to create another work in my “Angels have Really Big Dicks” Series.
I have been painting these for over twenty years.
IMG_4485RICK, the Wonderful Adventurer, started with a Sun, bright and Shining.
I asked if it was a Dolphin he painted,
and he told me that it was a Giant Blue Penis Ejaculating to the Sun,
and the “MM” in the upper Corner stood for Messy March.
I didn’t like that my Angel was White, so RICK, the Wonderful Adventurer,
set about to make Brown.
And he Did!IMG_4494
Well-Suited for an Angel…

And So, We Invite You to join us in this Extension of Messy March!
How Long is it for?
How Long would you like it?
Infinity seems Good.
Or at the Very Least, a Few More Days…
Let Go!
Risk Everything You Know to Learn Something You Don’t!
Laugh a Lot!
Laugh Loudly and Unnecessarily
And with Complete and Total Abandon!
Delight in Mishaps!
Remember the Patron Saint of MESSY MARCH: MARCEL DUCHAMP.
The way DEBBIE ABBOTT told it to me,
DUCHAMP’S MasterWork, “The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, Even” was being carried into the Museum where it was to be Hung.
The Work had been painted on Panes of Glass —

the Artist had worked on it for some seven years, and still the work was declared “Unfinished”
The Workers carrying this Large and Unwieldy Work of Art into the Museum, dropped it.
The Glass splayed into a spiderweb pattern.
They were mortified, especially because DUCHAMPS himself was in the Room.
To their surprise, he leapt in the air with his arms raised and shouted with Glee,
“NOW, it is finished!”


Enjoy the Extension of MESSY MARCH!
Perhaps there is something you’ve yet to Finish…
Oh, and when is the Last Time we gave ourselves permission to FingerPaint?

# # #

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