It Begins…

RICK at Last Year's MESSY MARCH Celebration

RICK at Last Year’s MESSY MARCH Celebration

What again? Already?
And Do We Need it Now!

It is time to Let Go of All Judgement
Accept Imperfection.
Just Do It.
Not Worry About it.
Stop Polishing.
Be Human.
Create Something.
If it sucks and it’s a Total Mess, that’s Fine.
It’s Messy March!

Wanna’ go out without Make-Up on?
Be Unshaven?
Grow your Hair Long?
Kiss a Stranger?
Do it!
Read a Silly Book that you haven’t given yourself permission to waste the time reading?
Go See a Trashy Movie?
Do it.
It’s Messy March.

You can venture out without your GPS.
It’s a good time to Get Lost,
Explore New Directions,
Make Some Art.
Great Art comes from Failure.
Wanna’ sing a song that’s out of your Range?
Ever wondered what it would sound like?
Sing Out, LOUISE!

Write that Musical

Stroufeli... Messy!

Stroufeli… Messy!

Or Poem
Or Story
Or Graffiti
Bake something Messy

Don’t Be.
What’s the Worst that could happen?
You’ll get into a Big Mess!
But its’ Messy March!
So, that’s a Desirable Outcome…
You can’t Lose!
It’s Messy March!

Fear Not!
Try Things.
Laugh out Loud at your Mistakes.
Mistakes are a Celebration at this Time of Year!
Well… Always!
They are the fertile Winter Soil from whence the Spring Flowers burst forth.
They are the Mud… Soon there will be Tulips!

Last Year's Tulip Festival in Bellingham

Last Year’s Tulip Festival in Bellingham

And can you Believe it?
This Year, MESSY MARCH started on Super Tuesday!
And What a MESS!
As someone I know put it, “I feel like America is in its last season, and the writers are just going crazy!”
And what a Great Launch… Leap Year Day!
Yes, this past week had an extra day in it.
So, if you’re like me, you just worked right through it.
And that means, we have an extra day somewhere in March to take a Holiday
Play Hooky
Make a Mess!

Is your Love Life a Mess?
Love it!
Having a Difficult Rehearsal?
Have it!
Medical Issues?
Embrace ‘em! From these come Great Healing!
Getting older?
Yeah. Messy.
Making Love?
Messy! (Well, if you’re doing it right, anyway.)

Messy March!
Leave the Bar in its High place.
Leap over it.
Or crawl underneath it through the Mud…
It is a Great time to Move Forward.

Can’t get tickets to HAMILTON?
See something new — Travel Off-Broadway with TDF Nine-Dollar Off-Off Broadway Passes.
See an independent Film.
Go Dancing.
You don’t have a perfect body to jump out on the center of the dance floor, shirtless and gyrating?
So What? Do it Anyway! It’s Messy March!
Dance Anyway!
Dance out Loud!
Whatever you do, Do it
Unabashedly and Without Apology!
What are you thinking of Doing?
What are you thinking of Trying for the First Time?
What is the thing you’ve been resisting?
What is the thing you feel you cannot do without Permission?
Permission Granted!
Do it. Try it. Succumb!
Say, “YES!”

Messy March Toddy Coffee ...Messy!

Messy March Toddy Coffee …Messy!

It’s Messy March.

# # #

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