Water Slide

Circular Water SlideDid you ever go to a Water Park?
I went to a few when I was a kid — not with regularity and I couldn’t tell you where
But I remember Water Slides
Climbing seemingly endless staircases to the top
Being given a mat of some kind
And sitting on it at the top of the Slide.
Ready to take off

I would hold on to the slight railing along my section of the slide,
Making My Way Down in Stops and Starts
Afraid to Let Go Completely

There were other Kids who appeared to just jump on the mat as they slid down
Arms in the air
Hydroplaning their way to the Giant Splash into the pool
These seemed to be the more physically fit kids
At the other end of the spectrum, I was always grateful when the staircases up were enclosed so I didn’t have to be so visible in a bathing suit climbing to the top

Over time, it became evident that the places I Let Go
were more Fun than the places I held on;
And the Longer the free and spirited stretch for which I would Let Go,
the More Fun I had.
And then I remember the time,
Against All Logic and Reason,
I just Let Go right from the Top.
I played like the physically fit Kids.
Sliding Down the entire length of the slide without Holding On once
Launching from the bottom of the Slide out into a Big Splash in the center of the Pool
Water Slide
It was GREAT!
It was the Most Fun I had of anytime I had ever gone on a WaterSlide.
I Loved it.
I was suddenly and inexplicably willing to risk everything for that Moment of Bliss
And it was Worth Everything!
I Let Go
And JOY was Mine.
In that Moment, I understood Life’s Purpose as the Experience of Bliss.

All of those precious Life Moments I had not been Willing to Let Go
Now Lost, could never be gotten back
But they were in the Past.
From that Present moment on,
No more Living in the Fear, attempting to Control the Experience
No more Riding without Letting Go.

So, why is it sometimes still so Hard?
Why is it that occasionally, even now, my first instinct is still to Hold On?
Even knowing how Exultant the experience of Letting Go can be
I still find myself grabbing for those railings.
Going down that Waterslide in fits and starts sometimes appears easier…
It’s not.
How is it that maintaining the Illusion of Control still holds any allure at all?

I don’t know.
But I know that with each passing day, there is one day less to apply what we’ve learned
About JOY
About LETTING GO as the Key to these Experiences
Without regret for what we may have missed…
Without Fear…
It is time to Let Go
Throw our arms up on the air
And have some Fun
It is time to Trust
It is Time to stop hiding
And make our Big Splash







# # #

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  1. Needed to read this tonight so I can get to sleep. Gotta let go of what’s bugging me and go to the joy place! Thanks Arnold.

  2. This is a great metaphor for life. My hands are clammy, but I too am throwing them up in the air. Meet ya in the pool!!


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