Eleventh Day of Christmas

IMG_3929Well, the Valentine Cards have been out for over a Week

And the Heart-Shaped Candy Boxes have been on display, as well…IMG_3877
But Look!
Elsewhere in Town…




And then there’s that Big Tree which is still up!


So it Ain’t Over Yet!

It’s Wonderful, Really.
I know, we’re all back to work.
And it may be easier to shuffle it away, and not try to figure out a way to carry it with us…
All those Greeting Cards from years gone by that talked about Keeping the Christmas Spirit All through the Year
Maybe they’re just Greeting Card verses.

But in Europe, the Big Day is Tomorrow…
Around the World
There is Much to Celebrate.
And Within
There is So Much to be Cared For
And Nurtured
And Called Out into a World So Very Much in Need of What you Have to Offer….

The Cookie Trays went out Today.
20150103_230459 IMG_3982

IMG_3980 IMG_3979
The Usual Triple Chocolate Chunk Macadamia Nut Cookies
And their Variations
A Second Attempt at White Cranberry Orange Ginger Bars
Which I tried a few years ago, but the Frosting came Too Fluffy and Too Sweet,
And the Bar was too Cake-y.
This Version has a denser Frosting, tamed by a bit of Orange Zest and a Wetter More Blondie-like Bar.

And, as I always like to try at least one New Cookie Every Year,
This year, “SugarPlums!”

Actual Sugar Plums.
Gluten Free!
And kinda’ tastes like it.
Couldn’t be Easier!
And kinda’ tastes like it.

¾ Cup Each: Raisins, Dried Apricots, Chopped Dates, and Walnuts.
1 Cup Blanched Almonds
¼ Cup Orange Juice.
Whir it all up in a Food Processor.
Then Roll into Little Balls, Roll in Sugar, and Voila’!

Nuthin’ says Christmas like the Smell of the Motor of a Food Processor Burning Out.
Forgot to chop the Dates first.
What’s that? More Imperfection this Holiday Season???
When I was making the Stroufeli, my Partner said,
“It doesn’t Smell like Christmas in here! It smells like Burnt Oil!”
And I replied, “I’m Italian! That’s Exactly what Christmas Smells Like!”

Everyone seems to Love STARBUCKS’ CranBerry Bliss Bars.
I have experimented with a few recipes over time.
Not looking for an Exact Imitation, but something that Celebrates the Flavors and is Just as Good
Here’s the Latest Version I’ve come up with.

A Holiday Gift for You:
White Chocolate Cranberry Orange Ginger Bars

Day Eleven

# # #

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  1. Darcie

     /  January 6, 2015

    You are quite the baker! We were just at Starbucks and my little boy was lamenting the fact that the bars are already gone and he only ever tried a bite of one. So thanks for the recipe!


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