Happy Eleventh Day of Christmas!

2016-12-24-10-46-31Still Celebrating.
Still Enjoying.
Still in search of Peace.
Still getting in touch with all the Myriad Ways we can feel God With Us!

Deep Breath…

Monday was that unusual Federal Holiday celebrating New Year’s Day because January 1st was on a Sunday this year,
So it felt like an Extra Day!
It was nice.
Many People chose to take down their Tree and Christmas Decorations, as it may have seemed to them an ideal time to make that happen.
Not to me!
Monday was the Eighth Day of Christmas!
Today is the Eleventh Day of Christmas!

Light ‘Em up

IMG_2120I like the Lights.
When I grew up, the Tree was put up on Christmas Eve.
Children awoke Christmas Morning and were told that Santa came and put up the Tree in the Night.
Parents are Amazing in their SuperPowers & what they can come up with…
The Lights and the Decorations were all a part of that one brief event: Christmas.

It has all grown very secular
And that’s fine if it makes it more accessible for more people.
Celebrating Kindness…
Celebrating Giving…
Celebrating Gratitude…
Celebrating God With Us…
All of these things are Christmas to me!
And all of them can be celebrated with a string of Lights, or a SnowFlake, or a Wreath or a Drum, as well as anything else.