Seventh Day of Christmas

Just disassembling the Front Door and its Wreath will take an hour or two

Just disassembling the Front Door and its Wreath will take an hour or two

Happy New Year.
And it’s still Christmas!

There is a kind of subtle dread that begins to creep in at this point in the process.
It’s New Year’s Day, and something tells me that by this weekend,
there will be a lot of barren Christmas Trees lying out on the curbside,
awaiting pick-up.
I admit it’s a Challenge to leave it up.
If we go all Twelve Days, it Ends Monday,
and then we cannot begin the UnDecorating until Tuesday —
meaning it will likely not happen until the following Weekend.
The Feeling of Joy starts to dwindle as the weight of the task ahead rises up
and begins to feel Herculean…
Fight It!
Fight for JOY!
This is Your Holiday!
Maybe Hit a few After Christmas Sales.
Some Stores have their Christmas Merchandise marked down by 75% at this point.
It might be a good time to pick up an inexpensive Christmas Candle for next year
or an Ornament to give someone on next year’s List, at an affordable price.

I have Baking to Do… Aiming for this Weekend.
I have a Story to Write for a Christmas Card
Which will appear here later in the month.
There are many Holiday Tasks ahead which this 7th thru 12th Day of Christmas provide the time to accommodate Beautifully…
And if I have everything done by Ground Hog’s Day, I’m Happy.
If it’s all done by Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, My sense of Accomplishment makes me feel like a Rock Star!
Most people wouldn’t even think of extending Christmas another Month.

Still Using the Christmas Plates...

Still Using the Christmas Plates…

But if it really is a Season of Kindness
And a Time for Peace and Joy
And a Time to Be with those we Love
And a Time for Grand Gestures of Creative Giving
Why would we not want it to Continue as Long as Possible!
Is the Spirit of Christmas not something to Savor?
Enjoying the Twinkling Lights just a few more evenings,
as the daylight hours grow imperceptibly longer…
Looking Forward to this New Year
Beginning, as all New Year’s do, on this Seventh Day of Christmas.
Seven, in Numerology, represents “Collective Consciousness” — it is all about Faith and Spirituality,
Spiritual Awakening,
Spiritual Enlightenment,
Spiritual Development,
Manifesting and Manifestation
and Good Fortune…
What Better Day to Begin a New Year?

In the Book of Revelation
(with its Seven Trumpets,
Seven Angels,
Seven Seals,
Seven Thunders…),
the First Resurrection takes place at the Seventh Trumpet,
Completing Salvation…
What a Beautiful Spirit in which to Begin a New Year.
It all Works Together So Beautifully…

New Year's Day Dinner with Mom

New Year’s Day Dinner with Mom

Happy New Year!
Day Seven.

# # #

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