True Beauty

IMG_0800There was a Top Modeling Agent
Who when asked how he did it
How he found the Most Beautiful Women in the World —
SuperModels —
He responded, “I look for the flaw.
If someone is too perfect, I have no interest, as there is no Beauty in that.
One’s Beauty is brought into sharp relief when the nose is a little crooked,
or there is a mole or some mark,
or some part of the body is Awkwardly pronounced…
Some Human Imperfection…
That is the Secret of True Beauty.”

I think about how I try to hide my flaws
Sometimes they become so tied into shame that I cannot separate the two
And I feel I wear my shame right out in front
Where everyone can see
And it makes me feel diminished.

But what if we Celebrated our Flaws as the Secret to our Beauty?
What if that very thing we have always criticized
Never Accepted
Feel Shameful about…
What if we Embraced that Very Part of Ourselves
Of our Beautiful Humanity
Accepted it
Loved it
And acknowledged it as the Secret to our Beauty?
Aesop has a Fable, The Stag at the Pool:
One Clear Summer’s Day, a Stag stands admiring himself
Staring at his reflection in a pool of clear water.
How Beautiful are my Antlers! So Noble and Handsome!
Yet, my legs are another matter — so slender and scrawny and ugly…
In a moment a Lion is upon him.
The Stag flees, and throughout the Open Plain, he outruns the Lion with ease.
But once he gets to the forest, his antlers catch in the low branches of a tree.
The more he tries to untangle himself, the more tangled he gets.
The Lion is once again upon him and just before he is eaten, the Stag cries,
“Oh, Woe is Me! I disparaged my Legs which were able to save me,
but praised the antlers which are my downfall!”
And the moral to the story:
“Too often we disparage about ourselves what is most worthy of Praise.”
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What about ourselves are we disparaging that is Most Worthy of Praise?


Frigate Birds in the Galapagos with their Beauty on Display

What about ourselves can we Most Admire today?
Let us take a moment to appreciate what we Believe is Most Beautiful about ourselves.
Then, think upon what flaws in ourselves are the secrets to our Beauty?
…Our Beautiful Perfectly Imperfect Humanity!
What can we release from shame and begin to look upon with the Divine Light of Love?
Today is a Day Full-Of-Wonder.
Let our Healing Begin…

…or the Original Version….

# # #

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  1. Hooray! Happy grapes all round!

  2. dsbishop

     /  July 24, 2014

    We’re all “beautiful, damnit.” 🙂


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