The Morning After

A Meme from the Internet

A Meme from the Internet



Licking our Wounds.






Let Go.



The Popular Vote went to HILLARY CLINTON.

Let’s not forget that.

We still Live in a Country in which the Majority of people Believe in Freedom and Respect and Love

More than the Values DONALD tRUMP touted throughout this campaign.

More People Believe a Woman deserves to be President than subscribe to Misogyny.

More People are willing to fight Racism and Xenophobia than are Willing to tolerate it.

We are still the Majority.

Remember that.

The Electoral College was founded by Rich White Men to protect Rich White Men.

And as we have seen, it is quite an effective tool.



IMG_5845December 25th: Christmas Day
December 26th: First Day of Christmas
January 3rd: Ninth Day of Christmas
Time for “Nine Ladies Dancing”

Many speculate this refers to the Nine Fruits of the Holy Spirit, as specified in Galatians 5:22.
Some believe it references the Nine Ranks of Angels, some of whom appear in TONY KUSHNER’s ANGELS IN AMERICA.
For my own self, I believe it references three Lesbian Couples and three Shamanic Woman who make the choice to remain Single.
Awesome Women, All!
And they DANCE in Jubilation!

The TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS are concluding their third Quarter.