The Morning After

A Meme from the Internet

A Meme from the Internet



Licking our Wounds.






Let Go.



The Popular Vote went to HILLARY CLINTON.

Let’s not forget that.

We still Live in a Country in which the Majority of people Believe in Freedom and Respect and Love

More than the Values DONALD tRUMP touted throughout this campaign.

More People Believe a Woman deserves to be President than subscribe to Misogyny.

More People are willing to fight Racism and Xenophobia than are Willing to tolerate it.

We are still the Majority.

Remember that.

The Electoral College was founded by Rich White Men to protect Rich White Men.

And as we have seen, it is quite an effective tool.

Heads are spinning today.

How could this happen?


Well, it didn’t just Happen. It was engineered very carefully.

DONALD TRUMP told us over and over: It’s Rigged!

He was telling the Truth about that, although he may not have realized it.


Last Year when the Supreme Court ruled in Favor of Marriage Equality,

They simultaneously gutted the Voting Rights Act of 1964.

And Yesterday it became clear (to anyone for whom it wasn’t already) that we need a Voting Rights Act.

The People of this Country — the Majority of People — need that!

Cause and Effect.
That’s How it Happens.


After the Last National Census in 2010,

the KARL ROVE Machine worked on redistricting — changing the arrangement of Voting Districts so that we can only have a Republican Congress — Remember that?

This is not a conspiracy theory — This Happened.

Here’s the story of how the Republican State Leadership Committee spent 30 Million Dollars on what they call “RedMap” — their plan to influence Redistricting.

The New York Times reported “RedMap” as Highly Successful:

Look at the Map for yourself and you will see clearly what was done in 2012:

President OBAMA has said that the most important issue coming up when he leaves Office is Re-Districting.

This is what he is talking about.

The next Opportunity is not until the 2020 Census, and the work of that does not begin until 2018.

And look who will be overseeing, now…

That’s How it Happens.


Citizens United v. FEC, decided by the Supreme Court in January 2010.

Explained beautifully by the Wise and Wonderful ANNIE LEONARD here:

“Citizens United” is the name of an Organization that employs Orwellian NewSpeak to do it’s dirty deeds — it’s a strange name for a Supreme Court Ruling that allows Big Corporate Money to control our Political System in exchange for “favors.”

That’s How it Happens.


Half of Registered Voters — 46.9% — didn’t Vote!

The Pathetic Lame-Ass Apathy of 108,600,056 eligible Voters…

That’s How it Happens.


But the Numbers Show that the Majority of those who Voted did Not Want this to Happen.

I expect that Most who did not show up to the Polls didn’t want it either.

Many Others did want this — Almost Half of those who Voted.


So who are these People who voted for tRUMP?

Do they stand behind the Values that DONALD tRUMP put forth during his Campaign?

Many of them do. That’s True.

Many of them don’t. They simply felt like having him in the White House might somehow be Better for the Economy — i.e., that they could make more money, so it was worth it to send a message to the World that his brand of rhetoric is OK.

Wonder what they felt when Dow Futures dropped 8,000 points last night after he took the Lead…

I don’t see a difference, really.

Actions speak Louder than Words.

They were desperate for change.

So they put a Rich White Dude into the White House.

And convinced themselves that that’s Change.


And now we are about to understand what it means when Presidential Responsibilities this term will likely include the appointing of Three or Four Supreme Court Justices,

Remember that those Appointments are for Life.


tRUMP is on trial for Fraud next month.

tRUMP is facing charges for the rape of a thirteen year old Girl.

Perhaps he will be impeached before the Inauguration.

If PENcE were in charge, I’m not sure that’s actually better for anyone.

It feels like the BUSH-CHENEY Equation. PENcE is in charge anyway.


tRUMP has not paid his Income Taxes in twenty years.

The IRS is in the midst of investigating him right now.

tRUMP will get to appoint the new head of the IRS.


So there are half of us Voters who diasagree.

And there is Half of the Country that didn’t Vote.

There are even some who did Vote who say they disagree, but let’s not count them.

How does the saying Go?

“I judged myself by my intentions.

But Other People judged me by my Actions.”


The latest numbers, reported by The Daily Wire :

231,556,622 eligible voters

46.9% didn’t vote

25.6% voted Clinton (wins popular vote)

25.5% voted Trump (elected President)

1.7% voted for Johnson


And it is done.


“And now, Prophet, the Great Work begins!”






Let Go.


An Encouraging Meme from the Internet

An Encouraging Meme from the Internet

# # #


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