IMG_5845December 25th: Christmas Day
December 26th: First Day of Christmas
January 3rd: Ninth Day of Christmas
Time for “Nine Ladies Dancing”

Many speculate this refers to the Nine Fruits of the Holy Spirit, as specified in Galatians 5:22.
Some believe it references the Nine Ranks of Angels, some of whom appear in TONY KUSHNER’s ANGELS IN AMERICA.
For my own self, I believe it references three Lesbian Couples and three Shamanic Woman who make the choice to remain Single.
Awesome Women, All!
And they DANCE in Jubilation!

The TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS are concluding their third Quarter.

The Oxford Dictionary defines it as: The outcome of a situation, when something is decided or made clear [Mid 18th century: French dénouement, from dénouer ‘unknot’.]
The TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS Break Down very Nicely to me:

The First Quarter, December 26th thru 28th, is very much about Family, Running Around, Giving Gifts, and Celebration. It can be just as hectic as the days prior to Christmas Day, as there is still Wrapping to do, Cooking, Baking, and Entertaining…

The Second Quarter, December 29th thru 31st always feels a bit calmer – still busy, but the time with friends feels a bit less hectic, and it begins to fall together in what feels like larger chunks of time spent with one another, deepening in a way that feels Beautiful. This Quarter Concludes with New Year’s Eve — an Ending, toward a New Beginning…

ME and MOM, Christmas Eve 2015

ME and MOM, Christmas Eve 2015

The Third Quarter, January 1st thru 3rd, becomes more about the New Year.
For some, this is about taking down the Decorations and getting everything away.
But in truth, it is not time for that.
To rush it disallows the Healing Process.
This is a time for Further Celebration,
Deepening Conversations,
Looking even more deeply into the Eyes of those you Love –
whether that be a Romantic Partner,
a Child,
an Elderly Person,
a Parent,
a Friend,
a Pet…
saks-holiday-2015-decorationsTaking Time. That is one of the Great Rewards of the Holiday Season.
Truly, it is Brilliantly Structured! As Brilliant as SAKS Fifth Avenue’s Edifice Lighting, across the street from the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree,
and as Quiet and filled with Solace as the Undecorated SAINT PATRICK’s CATHEDRAL next door.
This Third Quarter is a necessary part of the Celebration.
All those I have ever met who Feel that Christmas is merely something to ‘Get Through’ – are Getting Through it too Quickly!
Those who complain about the Rushing of the Season beforehand, seem themselves to be Rushing it to be over at this end!
Those who Think So Little of It, of course, are not Celebrating it Fully!
You can Change this Now.
What is the Big Rush to get back?
And to What?
I understand, Work is in need of attention and the office opens up tomorrow.
But not everything needs to be caught up in one day.
And  Getting Back to Work does not mean that All Holiday Cheer and Kindness must End, and that Diets and Workaholism must begin Now.
Quite the Contrary.
There is a Transition Period built into the Twelve Days.
Today, the Ninth Day of Christmas,
The End of the Third Quarter,
Is merely about winding down the Celebration
Which brings us to…

IMG_5892The Fourth Quarter, January 4th thru 6th
This period we are about to enter is about transitioning back
to Work and Day to Day Life as we know it.
But I Beg You, Leave the Tree Up!
Don’t be afraid to Heat up some Mulled Apple Cider or treat yourself to an Egg Nog or Sugar Plum Spice Herbal Tea.
Sure, get back to Healthier Eating,
But don’t be so Quick to Box Everything away.
There’s time for that.
Is it such an imposition on your Life if that happens next weekend?
Light the Lights.
Enjoy sitting on the couch amidst the decorations and delights of the Holidays.
And Reflect.
What have you Learned?
What did this Holiday Season and these interactions teach you?
What has this past Year taught you?
What are you looking forward to Learning in this New Year?
What can you Embrace?
What can you Bring to the Table?

Sure, we all have goals and resolutions to get fit and tidy up and organize and make more money…
These next three days can be a Great Time to give yourself a Beautiful Christmas Gift…
Time to Pause and Reflect
Time for You
Time to get specific about the What and How and Why and When of those things…
Begin to prioritize.
Is it really a Gym you want?
Or is it Yoga and Meditation?
Is it really just No Carbs?
Or is it Real and Organic Food that your body is craving?
Is it really your Family that’s Crazy?
Or do you allow them to make you Crazy and that’s the part you don’t like.
We are entering the Final Quarter of the Twelve Days of Christmas…
The Denouement.
Time to ‘unknot’ [dénouer]
Do not deny yourself this Gift.

Yes, this is the Start of a New Year.
But it is also the midst of a Holiday Season.
And the gifts of this Holiday are still present and it is only for you to Reach Out and Accept them.
Like the Nine Ladies — the three Lesbian Couples
and the three Shamanic Woman who make the choice to remain Single —
Awesome Women, All…
DANCE in Jubilation!

Happy Ninth Day of Christmas!

…and No One can make Nine Ladies Dance like BILL T JONES!

# # #

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