Adventure in Goodness

2020-01-01 09.46.58What’s New?

New Year!
New Decade!
New Chance!
New Moment…

Here we are!
1990 is officially 30 years ago!
And I remember so many moments of the Nineties and why do they seem so much more recent than they actually were?
When I think “30 years ago,” I am still thinking 1968!
Time is a most peculiar construct.

Let us Look Ahead!
Firstly, (more…)

An Urban Moment

df1e3ed749e45cb9fe00caf25e26bfcfOn the E Train
Three Young Black Kids get on
and clear an area of the crowded train

“Showtime!” “Showtime, Folks!”
They plug their ipod into tiny portable speakers (more…)