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2020-01-01 09.46.58What’s New?

New Year!
New Decade!
New Chance!
New Moment…

Here we are!
1990 is officially 30 years ago!
And I remember so many moments of the Nineties and why do they seem so much more recent than they actually were?
When I think “30 years ago,” I am still thinking 1968!
Time is a most peculiar construct.

Let us Look Ahead!
Firstly, let us remove any idea of January 1st as the only Beginning this month.
January 1st is technically the first day of the New Year — and the New Decade.
But it is first and foremost the Seventh Day of Christmas!
We are still in the midst of a Glorious and Joyful Holiday Season and there is no need to rush putting it all away to get started with things less Festive!
Today is the Eleventh Day of Christmas!
This morning, as my Partner gently awoke, he smiled a Joyful Smile, whispering with Delight, “Pipers Piping!”
I am still putting together presents and shipping them — and Yes, working on my Christmas Card Story!
We are Fully Decorated and enjoying entertaining and gathering with Friends!
And if the focus shifts to the New Year and Resolutions and Goals and Creating Wonderful Things in a week or two… Well, all of those things will still be there to be Created, awaiting the Manifestation we can give to them.
It’s odd because I tend to reject procrastination in all its forms and I prefer to move quickly! I prefer to set in motion bringing any idea into Action as soon as it crosses my mind. But Christmastime is different. It feels as though making time for the Joys of this particular Season is simply more important than pretty much anything else coming up in the not-too-distant-future…at least for as long as we can!
Personally, I prefer to choose Martin Luther King Day Weekend as the start of logistics for the New Year!

2020-01-01 09.44.58

I Love My New Calendar!

So, rather than viewing it as our having messed up any New Year Resolutions already, let us think of these few weeks as a time for experimentation and exploration — Let’s try on different Resolutions and see how they feel.
If we are very lucky, we may find ourselves moving beyond Resolutions and into the more Meaningful terrain of Goals and Vision Boards and Five Year Plans… Why not?
It’s a New Decade! Let’s see what’s possible!
Let’s raise our vibration to one of Fun and EnJOYment!
Let us continue to Celebrate the Holidays — All Twelve Days of it, and Beyond!
Let’s keep Giving and Loving and Sharing and Practicing Random Acts of Kindness and, one day at a time, doing those things all Season Long and All Year Long and our Whole Lives Long!
Make a Noise!
Practice Random Acts of Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty!
Give without Reserve!
Share Abundantly!!
Love with Abandon!
Give Up and Give it Over and Try Again!
Try Something New!

2020 is the Year of the next US Presidential Election!
Let’s VOTE and bring our Country back to some semblance of Sanity!
Let’s Believe in all that is Good and Fair and Reasonable and Respectful!
Let us Choose Respect for One Another and Ourselves!
Let us Make our Voices heard and Free the World from the tRUMP Administration’s Malevolence and Wicked Disrespect,
And bring in a New Clarion Call:
Blissful Yelps of Cooperation
Mellifluous Waves of RespectFULLNESS
A Blanket of Kindness
A Stand for Climate Change and a Taking of Responsibility as Protectors of the Planet,
A Voice for those in need of Representation,
A Clamorous Respect for Truth,
A Focus on Dignity for the Individual…
A Vision of Something Better!

Let’s Begin this inevitable Journey to our Better Selves!
Our More Beautiful Nation!
Our Beloved, Lush and Lustrous, Full Of Wonder World!

Let’s Begin it by Celebrating and Feeling Good about who we are and whom we are with… Let us dispel any notion that any of this is random!
The Course In Miracles says, “No one is where they are by accident, and chance plays no part in God’s Plan!”
So if there are People or Situations in our Lives with whom we have so much friction, tension, feelings of hopelessness… Let us remember that we Chose them to work on exactly the Qualities that we are developing in ourselves through those Relationships!
Let us Embrace our current situations!
It is not some terrible problem!
It does not represent Failure on anyone’s part!
It is a part of our Life Journey and our own personal Path to Enlightenment!
EMBRACE all the Gifts that seem so challenging and difficult and like our Life would be so much easier without that person or situation!
Sure it would! But we wouldn’t Learn what we need to Learn!
And we wouldn’t GROW!
Perhaps our Manifestation here really is about time in Forgiveness School!
Twenty-Twenty refers to a state of visual acuity — Seeing Clearly!
Perhaps this Year begins a time for all the things that help us to See Clearly!
Embracing Life on Life’s Terms!

And Let’s begin granting ourselves permission to have FUN!
Let us formulate a Vision for a Better Self, a Better Nation and a Better World!
And Let us look into the myriad ways to get there in the weeks ahead!
And give ourselves permission to Move Forward,
Even Crawling on Broken Pieces!
But Let us Get There!

2019-12-31 19.41.56

New Year’s Eve Dinner with my Partner, toasting with some sparkling apple cider! My GrandMother had a tradition of always having Grapes on the table New Year’s Eve.

Let us Drop the Perfectionism!
I heard BRIAN LEHRER (whom I LOVE!) say on his show on NPR’s WNYC recently,
“Don’t let the Perfect be the enemy of the Good!”
I really sat with this awhile…
So often we reach for Perfection and when it becomes apparent that we cannot do something perfectly, we don’t try to do it at all.
BRIAN LEHRER happened to be talking about people’s recycling efforts — and how every little bit can help, even if we cannot do it perfectly!


I recycle!
Reduce First. Then ReUse! Then Recycle. …Just as in the order of the slogan!
I do it imperfectly!
I do it Not-As-Good-As-I’d-Like!
And I continue to Do It, Every Day!
Like my Life, it is an ongoing Work-In-Progress!

Let’s do that with our Lives this Year!
Let us not let the Perfect be the enemy of the Good!
Let us Do The Good!
Let us Do as much of it as we possibly CAN!
…even if some days that is not very much!
Let’s choose a Year of Good Things!
A Year of Good Experiences and Good Happenings and Good Good Good…
And even if we reach Perfect in Nothing!
We will have Created a Year brimming over with Good!

Here’s to a Good Year!
…May it be filled with Surprises and Delights!

With Clear Vision,
Let the Adventure in Goodness Begin!

New Year Strength

This sent to me New Year’s Day by my Awesome Friend KENNY!

# # #

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