World Right Side Up

A dozen or so years ago,
I visited a Shaman.
He waved a large eagle wing back and forth over me.
He took me on a Journey of Soul Retrieval – we did not see the wolf which I am given to understand means that my Soul did not need to be retrieved. Apparently, I have all of it with me – so that’s a relief!
He danced and chanted and drank some green juice from a glass bottle with a long thin neck – then gargled and spit it across my body…
That doesn’t happen every day!
He explained to me that there is a group of Shamans from all over the World who meet in some sacred place — maybe somewhere in South America — once every fifty years to hold sacred ceremonies for several days during which they receive a Message from the gods about the World in the coming Half Century.
He told me that in the 1950’s when they had last met, the Message they received was,
“World Upside Down!”
More recently, just after the start of this Century, they convened once again and received the Message for this Half Century:
“World Rightside Up!”

Events of these past two decades – and in particular, these past three and a half years – may not make us feel that the World is Rightside Up! Quite the contrary, it feels we are through the Looking Glass, especially this past 100 days or so.
And yet… (more…)

Sochi 2014


So much can be said.
But Let’s focus on one moment.

It was in the Figure Skating — not sure if it was Long Form or Short Form.
The Beauty of the Figure Skaters tends to give me Stendhal Syndrome.
But there was one Male Skater.
I tried to find his name, but most Olympic Athletes, like Singers and Dancers in the Ensembles of Broadway, are known for their Contribution to a Team, moreso than their individual name or notoriety.
Perhaps this is why we Admire them So Much.

It was not one of the Medalists.
Not even sure he was a finalist.
But there was this Moment… (more…)