Sochi 2014


So much can be said.
But Let’s focus on one moment.

It was in the Figure Skating — not sure if it was Long Form or Short Form.
The Beauty of the Figure Skaters tends to give me Stendhal Syndrome.
But there was one Male Skater.
I tried to find his name, but most Olympic Athletes, like Singers and Dancers in the Ensembles of Broadway, are known for their Contribution to a Team, moreso than their individual name or notoriety.
Perhaps this is why we Admire them So Much.

It was not one of the Medalists.
Not even sure he was a finalist.
But there was this Moment…

He was twirling in the air and Bursting Forth in the Magnificent Contortions and Physical Acrobatics that make him an Olympic Figure Skater.
Then, he skated forward
Got down on one knee
And took a Breath.

The Audience Erupted in Applause.

He then continued his routine, like a Whirling Dervish,
His body cutting in space a figure So Beautiful…
Human Form in Flight…
The Commentator noted how when he took a pause
Took a Breath
The Audience spontaneously Burst into Applause with Appreciation for that.

This struck me as a Truly NoteWorthy Olympic Moment.
What if we do that?
What if we just Pause?
Take a Breath.
Give ourselves a Moment…

We think of that, sometimes, as stopping altogether — or Losing Momentum.
We, who are OverAchievers and proud of it, may perceive it as Weakness.
But I submit to you on Good Authority that it is an

So the next time you are in the midst of an Overwhelming amount of Work
Or daunted by Life’s Challenges
Or feeling out of place in a Technological Age, having come of Age in another World
Or feeling like your Kids are Just too Much
Or Your Parents…

Handle it like an Olympic Champion.
Take a Breath.





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  1. I have no televison coverage of the Olympics in Kenya. There is no interest in winter sports. However, I too, a world away, have been struggling with urgency and acceptance, and these wise words are a great reminder. BREATHE. Thank you Arnold.

  2. RICHARD, I have always thought you one of the Most Wonderful Souls journeying on this planet! I am So Glad that we have met! I did not know that you were back there. Embrace the Journey! I keep you in my prayers and Send LOVE…

  3. Inhale! Exhale. Clarity. 🙂


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