Sochi 2014


So much can be said.
But Let’s focus on one moment.

It was in the Figure Skating — not sure if it was Long Form or Short Form.
The Beauty of the Figure Skaters tends to give me Stendhal Syndrome.
But there was one Male Skater.
I tried to find his name, but most Olympic Athletes, like Singers and Dancers in the Ensembles of Broadway, are known for their Contribution to a Team, moreso than their individual name or notoriety.
Perhaps this is why we Admire them So Much.

It was not one of the Medalists.
Not even sure he was a finalist.
But there was this Moment… (more…)

The Course of History

MLKDo you think he knew?
Do you think he had any idea?
Or was he just Showing Up for his Life
And doing what was before him to do?

Do you think the Legend is true that he started speaking
And MAHALIA JACKSON standing by said, “Tell ’em about the Dream, MARTIN?”
Or was that what he planned to say? (more…)