Twelfth Night

TALU GREEN in the Broadway Musical, FELA!

TALU GREEN in the Broadway Musical, FELA!

And on the Twelfth Day of Christmas…
Twelve Drummers Drumming.

Said to symbolize The Twelve Points of Doctrine in the Apostle’s Creed
or the Twelve Apostles themselves
or the Twelve Tribes of Israel
or the Twelve Prophets…

GEEZ! Sometimes I think we just insist on putting GOD to Sleep!
What’s wrong with Twelve Drummers Drumming!?
I feel Certain that GOD likes Drummers!
…I mean, way more than the Twelve Points of Doctrine in the Apostles Creed!
There’s nothing wrong with those,
But Drummers are More Fun!
I believe that GOD Likes FUN!
I also Believe that GOD likes BARACK OBAMA’s 2016 Executive Order taking action to reduce Gun Violence.

Twelve Days of Christmas!
Baking Done (Well, Most of It!)IMG_5942
Gifts Given (Well, Most of ‘em!)
Christmas Cards Done? Not a Chance!
That will take longer…
To view Last Year’s Christmas Card, Click Here

Yes, it will take some time to disassemble the Tree and get everything away.
I am not worried.
I am Celebrating today.
In Italy, South America, and Many Parts of Europe, Today is the Big Day!
Little Christmas!
Three Kings Day!
Feast of the Epiphany…

Why rush it?
Why miss it?
Why not Celebrate it?

People think I’m Nuts for wearing my Christmas Socks all the way through today,
And for sending my Christmas Card out Weeks — sometimes Months — after Christmas…

I just Love it!
I Love to Enjoy the Whole thing!
And I don’t want to truncate the experience into a day or two, or even just a Week.
I don’t want to make Decorating and Undecorating a part of the Twelve Day Experience,
and then end it Two Days earlier so Everything is away by the first Sunday after New Year’s.
I’ve never been Tidy, that way.
I like Celebration
And Celebration often requires MESS!

Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Cookies

Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Cookies

Just got done baking my Christmas Cookies

Soft-Baked Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirl Cookies

Soft-Baked Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirl Cookies

Piles of Dishes and Cookie Sheets… A Mess!
I was up until 4:45am Baking and Packing Cookies to Ship.
I am feeling quite Christmassed…

Tried some New Recipes this Year.
The Most Fabulous SUSAN at the TreeHouse Point Kitchen passed along this recipe

And from that, I found this one

And I quickly surmised that by doubling on the Chocolate Dough, I could have enough for a batch of the Salted Caramel AND a Batch of the Chocolate Peanut Butter!

The Gluten Free Version

The Gluten Free Version

I also tried Gluten Free Versions of Both, which SUSAN told me come just as Good.
(Mine did not come as Good as Hers!)
The Recipe says about the flour, “Measured Correctly.”
So Grateful to JANET, the Magical Kitchen Sorceress, for teaching me how to do that

I don’t understand putting a Limit on Celebration.
YES, I have a Lot to Do!
But Christmas is a Priority!
And not just December 25th!
The Spirit of it!
The JOY!
The Giving!
The Bodacious Expressions of LOVE!
I want to Embrace this path of Expression!
I want to Laugh and Celebrate and Bake Cookies and Delight in the Music of the Season…
I want the DRUMS!
Big and Loud and Unapologetic!

I shall have my Fill!
It is not too Late to have Yours!
Worry Not about the Limitations of Calendars.
It is Winter!
The Darkness is Long.
and Cold.
Let us have our Twelve Days of Celebration
Twinkling Lights
Let us LOVE ONE ANOTHER in Ways that Surprise even OurSelves
…Especially OurSelves!
Let us Celebrate all Twelve Days!

Decorations can come downTomorrow.
For Today, there is Celebration
Glistening Glittering Glimmering Lights
And Drummers Drumming!

Dick TracyIt is a New Year!
We are on the cusp of Wonderful things we cannot even fathom.
(Remember when a Telephone Watch was only found in the DICK TRACY Comic Strip?)
(It is within the Lifetime of many of us that a Video Call seemed as unfathomable as a Man Walking on the Moon!)

Things we’ve never tried before.
Discoveries to be made.
People we’ve yet to Know
And People to Know Better…
Let us Experience this Year Anew
And Fully Present to All the Miracles and Great Gifts of the Day!
Hear the Drums!
They Beat for You!

#  #  #

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