Memorial Day

80110005It’s nice to have a Monday Holiday.
I remember the Initial Television Campaign in the 1960’s:
“Celebrate America on the Monday Holidays!”
I Was a Kid.
I didn’t understand how you could move a Calendar around like that,
But that was only the beginning of the many Monumental Changes in Life I would have to learn to Understand…

And So Memorial Day went from May 30th to the last Monday in May.
It had been previously known as Decoration Day

Why I Teach

As another semester draws to a close, and the Students continue to change from year to year, it seems like a good moment to pause and look at Why I Teach…

Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters

Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton

Because I grew up with BARBARA WALTERS
And you grew up with PEREZ HILTON.

Because I grew up in the EISENHOWER/KENNEDY Era
And you grew up in the REAGAN/BUSH Era.

Because I grew up learning Table Manners
And you grew up learning Apps.

Because when I grew up, we made it,
And when you grew up, you bought it.

Because when I grew up, Discipline and Respect and Good Sportsmanship were Values taught to us,
And when you grew up, Everyone got a Trophy.



IMG_4575GRANDMA always said Transplanting must be done in March and October.
She always had Beautiful HousePlants.
I am a little late this year.
Got it done in April.
But it was still cold enough.

I think the Idea is that, at least in New York, the weather gets Warmer after March and the Plants can Flourish;
And it gets Colder after October, so the Plants lie somewhat Dormant.
So, rather than in the Middle of a Cycle,
you want to do any Transplanting at those Transition Points.

  1. Find a Pot about an inch longer in Diameter than what you have,


De Nada

IMG_4635De Nada.
It’s a Spanish Expression for “You’re Welcome”
It is politely and colloquially used as a response to “Gracias” (i.e.: “Thank You.”)
Literally, it means “Of Nothing,” as to say “Truly, it’s Nothing at All.”

Mother’s Day. 2015.
MOM only wanted one thing.
EggPlant Parmesan.


Stuffed Peppers

IMG_4323Cooking is an Act of Love.

My MOM was not one to cook with a Recipe.
Once in awhile she would use one as a guide,
But for her, Cooking was a Creative Excursion.
I’m that way too.
I get it from her.

I like it.
Because Love is Messy.
And we never know what’s going to happen.
But somehow when we find the Willingness to take the Risk,
Something Good Always turns out.