I know. I know.
With all that is going on in the World and in my Life right now,
If someone even mentioned Christmas to me in the middle of November,
I would react with somewhat of a bristle!
I would shrug them off.
I might even be tempted to put up my hand at them and shout, “NO!”
Who wants to hear about Christmas right now, anyway!?

Well, I Do.
I just can’t get over the idea that the Saving of the World is worth Celebrating!
I really like the idea that the World was Saved some two thousand years ago,
And that we actually have nothing to worry about, as the World is Already Saved! (more…)

De Nada

IMG_4635De Nada.
It’s a Spanish Expression for “You’re Welcome”
It is politely and colloquially used as a response to “Gracias” (i.e.: “Thank You.”)
Literally, it means “Of Nothing,” as to say “Truly, it’s Nothing at All.”

Mother’s Day. 2015.
MOM only wanted one thing.
EggPlant Parmesan.