Why I Teach

As another semester draws to a close, and the Students continue to change from year to year, it seems like a good moment to pause and look at Why I Teach…

Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters

Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton

Because I grew up with BARBARA WALTERS
And you grew up with PEREZ HILTON.

Because I grew up in the EISENHOWER/KENNEDY Era
And you grew up in the REAGAN/BUSH Era.

Because I grew up learning Table Manners
And you grew up learning Apps.

Because when I grew up, we made it,
And when you grew up, you bought it.

Because when I grew up, Discipline and Respect and Good Sportsmanship were Values taught to us,
And when you grew up, Everyone got a Trophy.


Threshold Generation

Family PicnicThreshold Generation.
That’s what they’re calling us.
We are predictably the Last Generation to have Grown Up without Computer Technology
And that’s ForEver
Like the Last Generation, a century or so ago, to have grown up without a Telephone
Or the Last Generation, five centuries or so ago, to have grown up without the Printing Press
Or the Last Generation, thirty-five centuries or so ago, to have grown up before the Invention of the Wheel
We are the Last people populating the earth to have known what Life without Computer Technology was Like.
And with that comes the responsibility,
That to Future Generations
The Lessons we have to teach shall not be Lost.