Fifth Day of Christmas

IMG_3887Well, Already I feel like a Crazy Person.
Christmas was Last Week and I am still Celebrating!
It’s only the Fifth Day of Christmas and already I’m a Social OutCast.
No one else on the train is wearing Christmas Clothing or carrying brightly wrapped packages… I am the only one.
I look around and sing to myself, “Do They Know It’s Christmastime at All?”

Visions of SugarPlums that danced in so many heads are already replaced by New Year’s Eve Plans…
A strange OverLap into whatever Holidays you may be Celebrating,
and at the same time, a Universal Tie-in to bring Everyone together…
Even if you acknowledge other Calendars,
most of us are working, at least for our Day-to-Day Appointments,
within the Gregorian Calendar, whether we call it “A.D.” or “C.E.”
The New Year Holiday has always fallen in the Midst of the Twelve Days of Christmas.
Growing Up, it did not replace Christmas, nor mark an end to it.
Our House was So Festively Decorated to ring in the New Year

IMG_3878Yet Yesterday, on the Fourth Day of Christmas,
there were Christmas Trees discarded on the Curb.
No surprise there. I have seen such things as early as the day after Christmas.
For many, it’s a One-Day Holiday.
And New Year’s denotes the need for Christmas to have been over by now
in order to get on with it.

Awhile back, I said to a rather Fabulous Tall Blonde African-American TransGender Woman at my Church, “Life seems to go more quickly as the years go by. It’s like a roll of paper. As you go through more of it, it spins faster and faster.”
“Yes!” she declared, poised and statuesque,
“And for me I take that as a reminder to SLOW DOWN!”

IMG_2459So what if we did that?
What if we just Slowed Down and Let the Twelve Days of Christmas be the Twelve Days of Christmas
And Celebrated New Year’s Eve
and New Year’s Day ‘
and Kwanzaa
and Hannukah
and Festivus
and All of It
without feeling like we had to rush and put the Christmas Decorations away?
Just Enjoy the Days!

Oh, and by the way, I don’t expect that anyone can Paint a Smile on one’s face like the Little Drummer Boy and Get through the Holidays in a continual state of HyperCheer…
I mean, Could you be around your Family for Twelve Days in a row
and not get a little tense, no matter what the time of the year?
And if you can, what are you doing reading this Blog, Oh Well-Adjusted One?


a favorite Christmas Card

We are Human Beings.
Of course, we get overwrought and frazzled,
and sometimes a bit caustic under pressure.
No one is saying it’s easy, any of it.
But isn’t that what we’re Celebrating?
Isn’t our Beautiful Vulnerable Humanity the Very Point of this Holiday?
That we still have it.
It’s a Celebration of our Higher Self.
Some might call it our “Saved” Self.
Some might simply call it our “Spiritual Nature” or the Universal “Qi”…
Whatever you call it,
With all it’s flaws and imperfections
With all of its Very Human Beauty
With all of its Lower Self Moments that intrude

Celebrate Our Humanity
Both Individual and Collective
And For These and All Gifts, Be of Good Cheer!

Our Fifth-Day-Of-Christmas Brunch Frittata

Our Fifth-Day-Of-Christmas Brunch Frittata

Day Five

Today, on a New York City Subway Train... No one in Christmas Socks, except me

Today, on a New York City Subway Train… No one in Christmas Socks, except me

# # #

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  1. Darcie

     /  December 31, 2014

    I love your holiday spirit! I’ve always put away Christmas within a couple of days after the official day. That’s probably because of the anxiety I feel knowing there’s so much to UNdo–upstairs, downstairs, the yard, the tree. I can definitely see that when we physically put Christmas away, the well-wishes among strangers and random acts of kindness diminish, too. I wonder why Christians don’t celebrate through Epiphany. . .(My husband is a minister and I don’t know the answer. The Church is still observing Christmas but the people have stopped.) You’ve really made me think that I want things to be different for me and my family from here on out. I wish I knew you in “real life”, Arnold. You friends and loved ones are so blessed!


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