Spring has Sprung

20140315_133402 - Version 2Rebirth
Daylight Lengthens
Spring Begins…
Look closely.
There are buds on the twigs…

We Blossom
We Clean Up
We Go Out
We Throw Out
We Let Go
We Open Up
We Try Again
We may Burst with Anticipation of the Summer Rose
But it is not Summer
And Beauty takes time
A Rose takes time
Reinventing Ourselves takes time

Let us Celebrate Now the Buds and the Blossoms
The twigs in the forest, at first glance, may look the same…
But something is happening.

The World does not transform instantaneously from Winter’s Grayish White
To the Lush Green Verdancy of Summer
There are several In Between stages

20140315_133527Dormancy, the rest and peaceful gestation of the Life Force
Germination, the unseen Beginning; The Setting of a sure Foundation
Buds, the tiny yet potent Creations — As I write this, the train stops at Botanical Garden, and throngs of people get off the train today to witness this Exact Miracle
Blossoms — A clearer sign, to bring in the Less Observant; and reward the More Awake
And in time, Magnificence.

Are you in a Stage headed toward Magnificence?
Pause for a moment
And Appreciate
That which upon first glance may appear
A Forest of barren twigs.
Upon further examination
Your Life has it’s own Beauty;
Throngs of people would journey just to witness your Miracle
Exactly where it’s at
Exactly as you are…

20140315_133606You are Beautiful
Though at a glance, your Life may appear a forest of barren twigs
Look Closer
You are Blossoming.



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  1. Joy

     /  March 30, 2014

    I love this Arnold! It’s beautiful. And it’s very timely for me to have read it. It’s exactly where I am. Thnx for sharing!!!


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