Get The Word Out

Wordson HandGet the Word Out!
Get the Word Out!

There is So Little Time!

Get the Word Out
Your Words
Let them Flow
Let them Sing
Let them ROAR

Set Fire to the World
Tell BILLY JOEL we DID Start the Fire
Let’s cause a conflagration beyond that of MRS. O’LEARY’s Cow
Light it Up
Ignite the World

You are the Keeper of your Words
No One Else
No One else has them and No One else has Access to them
Unless You Offer the Key
Send Smoke Signals
Make Yourself Heard
Shout from the Highest Mountain Peak
Stomp and Scream on Public Trains and Buses
Bountifully Bathe Yourself in Courage
And just Let it Down
Let it Out
Run Naked through the Streets
Expose Yourself to the World


Others may not like it.
Fuck ‘em!
Others may attempt to imprison You for Speaking Out
It has been done before.
Let us go down shouting our Words as the Warden’s nightstick bloodies our mouths
We will be Heard

Make Yourself Heard
Have the Pluck and Valor to believe in your own Self Worth
and the BEAUTY
of Your Ideas
Let them Out
Let them Sing
Let them Echo across the World


Those who have no words express with a gun
or with their dicks
or with dance
or sometimes via New Technologies for the less articulate
But we are the Last generation relying solely on Words to Come of Age
and Be
and Express
and Define and Redefine Who We Are!
We are the Last Ones!
We are the last to learn Cursive
It is being removed from the curriculum, Have you heard?
We are the last to have learned multiplication without a calculator
And Long Division
We are the last to receive a grade in penmanship
We have Limited time remaining to let the World know Who We Are
and Why It is So Good
So whatever it is that you are doing, Put it Down
Whatever Words of Some other person you are Reading, Toss them aside
Whatever Movie you are Watching
Whatever Internet Porn you are lost in
My God, is there anything less sexy than internet porn?
That’s right! We are the Last generation to cruise
To meet each other
To Risk by asking for a date face to face
And break up the same way.
Remember the JOY and HUMANITY of Discovering Our Own Sexuality?
Remember the Brash Timidity and Glorious Exaltation of our Sexual Coming of Age?
Remember going to Bars and Clubs with Groups of Friends
And when you met someone, they met your friends and you met their friends
Sex was a Social Experience
It involved People
and Voices
and Touching one another’s hands;
Telling Jokes
It involved Relating to one another
Mixing and Mingling and Getting Together
And there was that unparallelled JOY of Discovery
That first forbidden Touch
That first unsophisticated Kiss
That New Voyage
That Christopher Columbus Moment
And touching God
as a teenager or twenty-something
and how it inspired us
igniting our ability — POSS ability — We could do ANYTHING…

Today Teenagers sit at their computers
It is shown to them– countless videos proffer the blueprint,
imprison them beneath a ceiling they may never break beyond
Never experience anything more.
They’ve seen it all before they try it.
Tragic, Really.
Sex without Discovery…
I cannot imagine a Life so bereft,
but you can see its effects in the benumbed flatness of any 20-year-old’s eyes.
It happens alone on the computer with no one around.
Not social.
Merely virtual.
It is, literally and figuratively, masturbation.
If another person walks in the room, screen down.
PTR (Parents in the Room)
CTN (Can’t Talk Now)
DOLO (Alone; Solo)


Sex is no longer an interconnective Social Experience
It happens in Isolation,
safeguarded in that lonely space
Lacking its Greatest Gift — Discovery of one’s self through another.
They merely imitate paid workers.
Internet videos depict neither romance nor foreplay
nor the Splendor of true intimacy
nor the Vulnerability at the core of making it work
And they all shave their bodies now
Because that’s what the internet porn people do
Gone is the magical discovery of another human being in their natural state
And they look at us with Questions in their eyes, as if to say,
“What is it you like about the World?”
“What’s so great about Life?”

Release Your Voice
Set the World on Fire!
This World… So in Need of Your Voice
Your Life Experience
All that You Bring to It
All that You ARE
WHAT YOU BRING TO THE TABLE WITH YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCE THAT YOU Take for granted and think might not really amount to anything Much
Is the Most Needed
Desperately Needed Gift for which the World is Yearning


Do you think your hard earned wisdom and Life Experience
was given you so that you could keep it to yourself?
…so that it could die in you?

It doesn’t say, “Sing on Perfect Pitch!”
It doesn’t say, “Shout with the Gyrating Body of a Hot fit athletic twenty year old!”
It says, “MAKE NOISE!”


Make Your Joyful Noise and let the Daggers Fly
Even from those you most Love
Even from those Closest to you
Your unmasked vulnerability laid bare
shall inspire slings and arrows
Stand spread-eagled and Noble
and know that that which flows from you will make the next Expression
all the more Vulnerable
all the more Potent
even more of a Target
Like Sharks, they will follow the Blood and Attack in multitudes
Spread your arms Wider
Say More

Have Compassion for those who sling daggers
Have Courage to fulfill the needs of others you will never meet.
There are people out there in need of what your Life Experience has taught you.
Have enough Derring-Do to move past your own fears
And Get the Word Out



You are Here
Manifested in this Place and Time

Your Thoughts
Your Dreams
Your Life Experience
Your Long Division
Your Cursive
Your Tits
Your Joyful Noise
Your Blood
Your Genitals
Your Communication Skills
Your Voyage of Discovery
Your Courage
Your Vulnerability
Your Words



There is So Little Time


# # #

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  1. This is such a bold and wild piece Arnold and it’s so easy to bask in the warmth of the fire in your words. I’m smiling now as I did while listening to you read it on our last Spark call – because I started to write a piece similarly wild and bold and earnest and very sexy which I had intended to read for our final call. Other things happened on the way, viz the death of a close friend which called for my attention for a while. Then a few days before our final call on AHA, my IWS wrote this in answer to a question I asked about my health: (I’m sharing this because I recognise a synchronicity with your message) – She said this: “It is the wildness in you. A wildness yearning for expression – a wildness desiring to roam free. You are captivated by it – and in turn you seek to keep it captive. This wildness in you belongs to the world too – and you can let it go…you will never lose it – it will always be a part of you – and it will serve you well. How do you let it go? Write it right out of it’s cage. Let it growl and roar and bear it teeth. Let it be seen. Let it be heard. Release it – free it!!….and your body will find it’s balance – a neutral place – an alkaline state to thrive. This is why I ask you to write.
    You, Arnold have let you wild free – and I for one am blessed that you have. Watch out for my wild Arnold, she got fire!

  2. so powerful and heartfelt ….thank you for sharing this..


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