My Favorite Pair of Shoes

Y-3 ShoesThe piece that follows was written on the Last Day of February in 2013 — one year ago.
I post it today, a year later, in Celebration of How Far we’ve Come over this past year, with the Defeat of DOMA and how much of this piece is, ThankFully, no longer the case. Let us acknowledge that Great Achievement and how much Progress can be made in a singe rotation around the Sun!

At the same time, Let it serve as a Reminder, as the Evil Hostilities of the Arizona Legislature attempt to further discriminate against Marginalized Groups and divide a Nation, of How Far we still have to go.
Kudos to Governor JAN BREWER for today’s Veto of the Bill!

And as Texas Attorney General GREG ABBOTT and Texas Governor RICK PERRY continue to place themselves above Federal Law, imposing their own Shameful Bigoted position of Discrimination, Let us continue the Fight.
Kudos to U.S. District Judge ORLANDO L. GARCIA for standing up for Federal RIghts and Equality for All People.

What a Fantastic Time to be an American!
So Much to be Proud of…
So Much Progress…
Still, So Far to Go…

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Y-3 Shoes

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