Season of Hope Alive

Four Days into the New Year.

House still fully decorated …

Still wearing my Christmas Socks and SweatShirt… and wondering if that makes me some kind of lunatic.

The Joyful Noise of Christmas has died down outside my window.

Decorations have come down; Valentines Displays fill the aisles of local stores.

Still, today is technically only the Tenth Day of Christmas.

In many European and South American Cultures, the Big Day is not until Monday.

And in Norway, Christmas is celebrated until January 13th — a Full Twenty Days.

New Year’s Eve has come and gone.

The New Year is off to a Good Start.

Hopes High.

Plans planned.

Resolutions to eat better

exercise more

make lots of money

and save more of it…

…and three days later, the Fear Monster…

Not eating better with all these Christmas Treats around…

Haven’t gotten to the gym because I am still working on my Christmas Cards…

What if there’s not enough work this year?

What if I can’t make ends meet?

Suddenly it dawns on me.

Isn’t that the point?

…the Genius of a Perfect Universe…

Keeping Christmas extended into the New Year…

Keeping our Season of Hope Alive

and in Full Swing past the backlash of fear based thinking

Of course!

Let me be a lunatic, then!

Celebrate all Twelve Days of Christmas

and not put down the Joy

the Fun

the Delight

and the Child-like Wonder of this Magical Season…

Allow the Beauty and Magic and Twinkling lights to Supersede the Fear Monster’s Bellow and Bawl…

It is a new year, Yes.

It is also the Tenth Day of Christmas.

Still so much to Celebrate:




And Love

…Fear has no place in this.

And once that has been firmly established,

Then, Let us get on with the Year at hand…

Happy Tenth Day of Christmas!

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  1. 71 anee71

     /  January 4, 2014

    Happy 2014, dear Arnold.

  2. I need you as my daily life coach . . . .


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