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Radko Chain Link Garland

Radko Chain Link Garland


Christmas Decorations away…

The usual flood of memories and feelings that accompany the various keepsakes…

One that stands out is a colorful Radko chain link style garland, bought years ago at Bloomingdale’s After-Christmas Sale. Each link is made of countless strands of twirled tinsel. The slightest snag completely ruins the look, and it is prone to unraveling at the smallest inadvertent tug.

Back then, the Clerk who helped us was a middle-aged African American Gentleman. We expressed concern about getting such delicate pieces home in good condition. He calmly tore some brown Kraft Paper into lengthy sections, and gently placed the delicate links in their long strand onto the paper. He patiently rolled them inside, protecting them.

It took time.
We thanked him.

Ten years later, this is how these garlands, still in excellent condition, are stored — in those same pieces of brown Kraft Paper, exactly as they were laid by his gentle hands. And every year when I put them away, I think of that man — that calm centered man who for whatever relatively small wage he was paid, and all the long hours of Holiday Season work, took the time and care to protect these delicate pieces for us.
He is a part of my Christmas. I think of him with a Grateful Heart, and I Bless Him…

This is just one example of the difference we can make when we commit to Doing Well the work that is before us. We can affect and touch people’s lives in ways that we may never know, but that make a difference in their Joy and in their Life Experience.

Each of us is empowered to make that difference.
Now. Today. In whatever we are doing…
And thereby, each of us is empowered to make a Better World…

Radko Chain Link Garland hanging at Christmas

Make Someone’s Life Beautiful Today

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  1. Agreed Arnold. Take the time. Enjoy the start of 2014!


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