ReCommencement: A Tribute to the CSHS Class of ’78, on the Occasion of our 35th ReUnion

Back in October, Members of the Cardinal Spellman High School Class of ’78 enjoyed our 35th High School Reunion.
Reconnecting with all of these Wonderful People inspired me to write the following piece. (more…)

Gift of Christmas Present

Happy Fifth Day of Christmas!

Gathering with Friends and Loved Ones
Reminiscing about Christmases Past and those no longer with us…

If you live to be a Hundred, that gives you only one hundred Christmases.
If you only live into your twenties, then it’s twenty-some-odd.
If you make it into your sixties or seventies, then that’s sixty or seventy Christmases in a LifeTime…
However it adds up, it’s a precious few.

So, Enjoy the Season… (more…)

Flecks of Gold

When I was in the Amazon RainForest at the Yachana EcoLodge, we were taken to the Water’s edge to observe the Natives of the RainForest panning for gold. I had always imagined that panning for gold involved lifting the pan from the ocean floor and discovering large Gold Nuggets.

Nope… (more…)


A Whole Lotta’ Christmas going on…

If you are like me, you are very much in the throes of it right now, today being the Day Before the Night Before Christmas.

But what if you’re not into it?
What if you were not raised in the Christian Tradition?

What if it feels like everyone gets to have a bright sparkly decorated tree with presents underneath it except you? (more…)

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Many of us might think, living in the Consumerist Circus of Victor Lebow as we do, that we are now in the midst of the TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS.

This would be incorrect.

Good News for those who feel that they are Way Behind and the Twelve Days have already begun:

They have Not.

We are now, in fact, some seven days from its beginning at all… (more…)


This is intended as a Safe Space for those who

Live Out Loud

Take a Risk

Mud Wrestle with the Angel… (more…)