Gift of Christmas Present

Happy Fifth Day of Christmas!

Gathering with Friends and Loved Ones
Reminiscing about Christmases Past and those no longer with us…

If you live to be a Hundred, that gives you only one hundred Christmases.
If you only live into your twenties, then it’s twenty-some-odd.
If you make it into your sixties or seventies, then that’s sixty or seventy Christmases in a LifeTime…
However it adds up, it’s a precious few.

So, Enjoy the Season…
No need to be in such a rush to take down the Tree and get everything away.
Let go of the need to control it.
Let Christmas just wash over you and sweep you away in its tide.

And while you are Living it, Be Present.
Enjoy the People you are with. Even if they are flawed, just like you and me…
In five or ten years, we will not be the same.
And this moment will be gone forever.

Buddhists Belief emphasizes that this present moment exists only once in all of time.
We only get to Live it once.
However we handle it… Whatever we do with it… This is the Only time we shall have it.

It’s like that with Christmas.
These particular Twelve Days of Christmas 2013…
This particular Christmas at the Age we are at…
With the People in our Lives at these stages they are at…
It only happens once.
This is It!

Savor it!
Enjoy it!
Celebrate it!

Know that it is one of only a few that we get.
And Appreciate it for what it is…
And who is here…
This Present Moment.

How does the saying go?
“Today. The richest among us has no more and the poorest has no less.”

It’s what we all get.
Just that.

Enjoy the Gift of Christmas Present.

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