A Whole Lotta’ Christmas going on…

If you are like me, you are very much in the throes of it right now, today being the Day Before the Night Before Christmas.

But what if you’re not into it?
What if you were not raised in the Christian Tradition?

What if it feels like everyone gets to have a bright sparkly decorated tree with presents underneath it except you?

Well, Do Not Despair!
You are Welcome here!

My partner refers to this as the Season of Kindness — he prefers to see it not so much a Season of Joy limited to any particular religious sect, as a time of year when we can all remind ourselves of the importance of being Kind to one another…

I Love to Celebrate! At my Church (www.mccny.org), we Celebrate Christmas and Kwanzaa, and even Solstice; I have Celebrated the Jewish Holidays throughout the years with My Best Friend’s Family, and I have recently become obsessed with Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights… Life is a Celebration and Every Day is a Gift!

As a friend once pointed out to me, the essence of Life in France with the Fresh Bread every day and the Fresh Flowers every day is really all about a Celebration of the Day! I Love That! What Day doesn’t deserve to be Celebrated?

And what Person isn’t deserving of Kindness?

In the mid 60’s, my Brother and I were watching television at our GrandMother’s home. There were very few stations at the time. Television was barely twenty years old. It was in Black and White. And a Fledgling Broadcasting Company was launching… PBS…Channel 13 in New York.

Suddenly there on the small screen was this most interesting man talking to a most delightful Dog Puppet… We were transfixed. We did not know then that this man was JIM HENSON and this puppet was ROWLF the Dog, the Very First Muppet.

JIM HENSON got it!

In 1979, he gave us, among the Many Gifts he left behind, JOHN DENVER AND THE MUPPETS: A CHRISTMAS TOGETHER.

For those who feel that Christmas is not for them, this Song is for You:


The song is credited to DANNY WHEETMAN.

The message is timeless, and perhaps more relevant today than when it was written.

So please do not feel left out!
No doubt there is someone very nearby who needs your help,

Craves your kindness, —

Even a smile or a pleasant word could make their day.

No doubt there are people out there who are feeling just like you and want so much To be a part of this Holiday that everyone else seems to be having,

And your thoughtful gesture could make them feel included

And Whole again.

For sure, there will be busy store clerks over these next few days,

Making relatively low wages and dealing with a lot of pressure.

And perhaps someone —

Perhaps you —

Thanking them for doing a fine job

Would be just the lift they need to buoy them through the day.

I am not a fan of “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings.”


To and For All

And To All a Good Night.

So whoever you are and whatever you Celebrate, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

You are Most Welcome

To this Holiday!

To this Celebration of Kindness…

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