A Meme from the Internet

It’s about Listening.

I find myself immersed in News these past few days.
Listening and Reading and Gravitating toward every speculation and interpretation about what is going on in our Country.
I seek Enlightenment.
I do not trust the current ruling Majority of the Senate to bring us that.
It is quite a muddle!
America has some skeletons in its closet.
And I hear lots of bones shaking and banging against the door to get out! (more…)


On this Fourth of July Weekend, Let us Celebrate


Flag238 Years Ago Today we declared our Freedom from the Tyrannical Government of GEORGE III.
We submitted our Facts to a Candid World:
(It is worth the few minutes it would take to Re-Read that DECLARATION)
The Declaration of Independence
Hmmm… They sure sound like familiar issues. (more…)

ReCommencement: A Tribute to the CSHS Class of ’78, on the Occasion of our 35th ReUnion

Back in October, Members of the Cardinal Spellman High School Class of ’78 enjoyed our 35th High School Reunion.
Reconnecting with all of these Wonderful People inspired me to write the following piece. (more…)