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How does one reach across the aisle on this?

The other day, I posted the following comment to a friend from High School who had posted “BIDEN is NOT My President”:

I Hear what you are saying and I am listening to your pain about it. I do think that some of the media in your circles may have spun things a certain way. Really, I know lots of people and Lots of Liberals in the Theater World and various Communities to which I belong. I don’t know ANYONE — I mean, ANYONE — who supports Looting or Socialism or any of the things that I understand that you fear. For most of us, BIDEN would not have been our choice of Candidate, mostly because he seems way too Centrist — almost more toward Republican. In fact, his views are so moderate that most of us think of him as what we perceived Republicans to be before tRUMP. So, in a way, I feel like he is an ideal Candidate for this transition. I know that you supported tRUMP and obviously you saw some good in his policies and what he did. But that may have caused you to turn a blind eye to the indignities many Americans were suffering — People with Disabilities, People of Color, Gay People, Middle Class People… and his handling of the Coronavirus speaks for itself. So maybe consider, instead of pre-paving how awful it will all be, what good can come of a more Centrist Democrat in this transition. I understand that because tRUMP was so extremist, it may feel like a great personal loss, and it may seem that BIDEN is a far flung Leftist by comparison. But maybe some of tRUMP’s extremes were a bit too far. Perhaps — just perhaps — we could begin now to build less walls and more bridges, and maybe that will yield some Good things, as well. I am not trying to convince you or change your mind — just introducing the possibility that a lot of the extreme leftist policies that seem so terrifying to you may not be what this is. It may seem that way, because tRUMP was so far in the other direction, but maybe there will be some good that comes of it. The restoring of dignity to the office of President and having someone who speaks respectfully to others I will consider a great step forward for us all, and especially for your children’s future! XXOO

His response was basically that Liberals have been so mean that they cannot be forgiven – there was a “Not You!” included in the middle of that which I appreciated, although I can be pretty mean when I feel people’s rights are being threatened, as this retiring administration has repeatedly done since Day One. So I am not so sure it’s not me!

I am struggling here.

BIDEN was Elected with the most Votes in the history of this Country!

And yet, TRUMP was elected with even more votes than he got last time!

What am I missing?

I understand, and everyone keeps saying it: We must find a way to Heal and Move Forward together. BIDEN himself said it:

“It’s time to put away the harsh rhetoric, lower the temperature, see each other again, listen to each other again. And to make progress, we have to stop treating our opponents as our enemies. They are not our enemies. They are Americans. They are Americans.”

I want to!
Show me How!

I understand the need to move forward in unity, but what are we supposed to say?


‘Hey, I guess you were right about COVID and it’s just a hoax and I’ll stop wearing my mask too!’

or ‘Yeah, I hope we don’t get Healthcare after all!’

or ‘Kids in cages and forced hysterectomies – No Biggie!’?

In communicating with friends from High School on Social Media, I almost never unfriend anyone, because how are we to Learn and Grow without hearing contrasting points of view?

But I find that, especially when their friends and family, whom I do not know, chime in, I am unable to get a clear answer to what it is about supporting TRUMP that they like.

I ask them

Why do they follow him? 

What is this thing that they seem to be getting out of it?

Why do they support what he tells them when it contrasts the reports of scientists, and experts in any given field?

Invariably, long trails of discussion lead to one of two outcomes: Either they disengage without every answering these questions, leaving only silence, or they tell me, as I saw this morning, 

“you have Trump Derangement Syndrome. I can be objective even if I don’t like someone 😀

I see nothing objective from the TRUMP Supporters with whom I have interacted in any of the conversations or arguments that we have had, yet they are always quick to proclaim how “objective” they are. They seem to like to assert that they listen to news sources, “on both sides” yet I find that they unfailingly quote Fox News and Breitbart and they consistently condemn News Sources I consider reliable, such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR, CNN, Politico, Forbes, and sites such as Snopes, Wikipedia, and myriad others.) 

Still, I am trying!

I tried.

I will continue to try.

It is so painfully daunting.

They are Americans. They are my fellow-countrypersons.

I feel they have hurt me.

They feel I have hurt them.

If one of us doesn’t forgive the other, how will we ever begin to heal as a Nation?

It didn’t used to be like this.

But it’s like this now.

And we have to start somewhere.

So how about here? And now?

The first step is Awareness


From what I can tell, TRUMP supporters seem to fear BIDEN because they fear their taxes will be raised (Unless they make over 400K per year, that will not happen under the plan he has proposed.) But those of us who support BIDEN and HARRIS or who are even just anti-TRUMP (Maybe I do have “TRUMP Derangement Syndrome,” but is that an unfounded condition?) – We are fighting for our Lives! We are fighting for our Basic Human Rights: Health Care and a Woman’s right to Choose, LGBTQ Rights and the Rights of People of Color to Vote… What we stood to lose here was so much greater than what the TRUMP Republicans did.

By the way, TRUMP’s Tax Law raised taxes on so many of us who toil away in Show Business with relatively low income by Two to Five Thousand Dollars, just from among people I know!

So that means the TRUMP Supporters either make way more money or just didn’t notice the increase. I suppose that’s an easy one to forgive – I expect that any American who gets a tax break, myself included, doesn’t look around to wonder who else did or didn’t get one.

And from what I can ascertain, we could all agree that we are united against Congress voting themselves salary increases and getting Top Level Health Care and Full pensions for life afterward. Positions in Congress ought to be positions of Stewardship, not gouging personal profit. I think that both sides seem to agree on that.

A Post from Social Media

TRUMP’s unwillingness to concede the election is something we do not agree on.

An Image from the internet which describes how I really feel about tRUMP…

This makes it really difficult because this Wonderful Experiment in Democracy called The United States of America will be over in seventy days if tRUMP gets his way.

On Friday, the head of the U.S. Nuclear Weapons Agency resigned. On Monday, TRUMP fired MARK ESPER, the Secretary of Defense who opposed the use of troops on U.S. Streets. General Services Administration (GSA) Administrator EMILY MURPHY, a TRUMP appointee, is refusing to release transition funds and support in accordance with the Presidential Transition Act of 1963.

And yesterday, Secretary of State MIKE POMPEO had these chilling words to offer:

Are we experiencing an attempt at a coup?
Will they succeed?

I am trying to reach across the aisle.

I am trying to talk to people and take in their feelings of hurt and devastation.

Though I must confess, after four years and so many versions of “I Win Bigly!” and “Everyone else is a Loser! Loser! Loser!” it was a joy to hear a clear intelligent voice of humility:

“…All those of you who voted for president tRUMP I understand the disappointment tonight,” Biden said. “I’ve lost a couple times myself. But now let’s give each other a chance. It’s time to put away the harsh rhetoric. Lower the temperature. See each other again, listen to each other again…”

I am trying to see TRUMP Supporters…

But what I see is this:

And the Money Grab… Do TRUMP Supporters See that?

Here is where your money goes

Perhaps that is something else we could agree on.

Or perhaps that is something else to which I would never get an answer.

TRUMP sends his supporters emails every few hours soliciting money to fight election fraud but the money goes to his PACS for 45 himself.

And they give it to him!


Now other Republicans are doing it too!

Governor KRISTI NOEM is asking for “donations” to “bring home the President,” and it appears the money goes to her own re-election campaign.


So, I can’t help wondering, while I am trying to listen, if I solicited donations from TRUMP Supporters to combat Election Fraud, can I keep the money too?

Beautiful Drawing from the internet — I so wish the artist had signed it.

But the Question on my heart is the question that Chief Counsel for the U.S. Army, JOSEPH N. WELCH asked JOE MCCARTHY on June 9,1954…

At Long Last, have you no sense of Decency?

The Republicans I engage with on social media talk derogatorily about RINO’s (i.e.: “Republicans in Name Only,” although I had to look that up!) 

They hate them as much as they hate us.

I do not even know what the term means. Are they Republicans who are against TRUMPism? Or are they supporting some ideal of what the Republican Party used to be? Are they not Conservative Enough? Conservative Enough for whom? To do what?

I know this: While DONALD TRUMP may be gone, although he still has not conceded – which is pathetic and potentially, based on his behavior these past four or five days, dangerous to the country and the World – TRUMPism is a problem here in America that is not going away. Nearly 70 Million voted for him – 55% of White Suburban Women Voted for him. Hispanics Voted for him and LGBTQ People and Black People.

I cannot understand what he offers at all – not just to these groups, but at all!

I ask.

I cannot get a clear answer.

Image from Social Media

It makes me think that perhaps they just hate Black People or feel a need to dominate women by revoking their rights or they believe in White Supremacy…

Image from Social Media

But some Black People and most White Suburban Women voted for him.

I have family members and close friends for decades whom I suspect voted for him.

I know people whom I believe to be Good People in so many ways whom I suspect  voted for him.

But they mostly don’t admit it directly, and no one can explain to me why.

Sometimes, they will make some vague reference to the economy, but TRUMP’s handling of the Coronavirus crashed the economy.

An image from Social Media

What is really going on?

I so want to understand this, and I cannot make sense of it!
Some days I think to myself that I am living like JIM CARREY in THE TRUMAN SHOW and everyone is in on the joke except me!

Image from the internet lamenting my exact question

I know this: It has been so nice to hear the President Elect say, “God Bless our Troops,” at the end of his speeches, thanking his Wife and Family, and so many others who deserve Respect.

It has comforted me greatly that children will see once again an example of Fine Character and Decency.

And Respect.

Image from Social Media

I want this World which I believe that we as a Country are about to reenter!

I also want us all together in it!

I recognize that I may not be able to have that – but I want to at least understand it. I would like to better understand what is going on in the minds of those who follow TRUMP.

I want to be able to forgive.

And yet, I must remember to ask forgiveness as well!

Let’s face it, I’ve been a little jumpy these past four years.

Have you?

Mostly, I still don’t even understand how it happened.

Fear of Socialism…

An image from Social Media

The Boogeyman is going to get you.

I understand falling victim to Fearmongering.

But TRUMP Supporters received their one meager $1,200 stimulus check and cashed it. They participate in Medicare and Social Security…

Why do they assume that every example of socialism is Venezuela?

Cartoon from Social Media

Gerrymandering in Maine and South Carolina and Kentucky – I understand that.

[There is an Amazing Documentary on this topic entitled SLAY THE DRAGON which you can rent — Here below is the trailer and link:]

I crave associations with people who think differently than me. As Walter Lippman wrote over a hundred years ago, “Ours is a problem in which deception has become organized and strong; where truth is poisoned at its source; one in which the skill of the shrewdest brains is devoted to misleading a bewildered people. Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.”

So, Yes! If you are a TRUMP Supporter, I hesitate to say it, but please talk to me.

I want to understand you.

I am trying to reach out.

This image from the internet employs some of the words of my favorite Pope — although that is not a very high bar, I genuinely like him.

I am a Christian – not the kind who tells you what to do or cherry picks the Bible to feel superior or twists the teachings of Jesus so that I can manipulate government policies to my personal advantage.

I am the kind who goes with my husband to a really cool church with a Global Justice Mission and we support them in Feeding the Hungry and we do our best to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ which are pretty Beautiful really!

He gave us hard things to do — challenges such as “Love Your Enemies!”

A Meme from Social Media

If you voted for DONALD TRUMP then I feel you are my enemy.

Help me to Forgive You!

Help me to Understand you.

Let’s unpack all this Fear and Hate and look at it together.

I have things I fear too – it is clear to me that they are not the same things as you.

I have things that I hate too – not people. Things, Policies, Acts of Harm…

Help me to Figure out how to Love You again!

Maybe there is a way to start and maybe it is in doing what JOE BIDEN suggested in his Victory Speech, “…See each other again, listen to each other again…”

Please leave our Government alone now and do not destroy our Democracy.

You lost.

Today’s NY Times Headline

I am not saying to “Go Away,” although that would be easier for both of us.

I am saying that I am willing to listen.

I have some experience with hurt and sorrow and pain.

Hell, I’ve spent over thirty years in Show Business – I know what it is to feel unacknowledged and unrecognized and unappreciated.

Please, let’s talk.

As for TRUMP’s actions since Saturday and what appears to be the makings of a coup…

I refer to Edward R. Murrow’s most powerful anti-McCarthy broadcast, March 1954.

Good Night and Good Luck!

I asked my good and wise friend KENNY what to do about all this and he reminded me, “It’s like the old church says, ‘It’s a Daily Walk!’”

#  #  #

Sweetest Day

Happy Sweetest Day!

Today is Sweetest Day Celebrated the Third Saturday of October. As a kid growing up, I became enamored with the local Hallmark Card store that was on my walk to school. I became friendly with the family that owned it, and eventually worked there, decorating the windows or handling the register… I was probably 12 years old the first time I entered that store. It was right around this time of year, and Harrison who was to become one of my very best friends was wrestling with a crepe paper tissue monster to get it displayed in time for Halloween. Back then, Halloween decorations went up in October, and Christmas decorations went up in December. Life was simpler, then. Sweetest Day was a holiday brought Read the full post »


I know.

I know.

With all that is going on in the World right now, just the mention of “CHRISTMAS” could make me appear tone-deaf and out-of-touch.

But this is not about rushing the Season.

Quite the opposite.

This is about forging a path around the imposed commercialism and giving ourselves the time to create for ourselves a Season of Love and Kindness the way we would ideally like it to be.

If you have followed this Blog for a while, you know of my Passion for Christmas,

The Time of Fellowship

Peace on Earth

Good Will Toward All

The Season of Kindness

The thing that growing up, we wondered why it couldn’t be All Year Through…

Or if it could, how we might make that happen…

It is a Truly Beautiful Season

And its essence is Caring for One Another,

Loving One Another,

And extending Kindness through Good Deeds and Good Acts…

I cannot think of anything the world needs more, right now!

CHRISTMAS, like most things, works out Best when Planned for…

I am not a Big planning-within-an-inch-of-my-life kind of person.

But READINESS is a Gift.

When I am READY, things just go Better!

Life can feel so overwhelming – even in this pandemic and this sort-of- quarantine we’re all doing – it can feel tough to find time to get Ready and focus on some future experience when our attention is demanded by current projects and concerns.

But when something is important to us – say, a Wedding or Special Occasion — we plan in advance.

We make a list of what will need to be done, schedule out the time we have, budget, and take action to Get Ready for it.

Those of us in Show Business understand this well, as we go from Show to Show; 

This little bit of mindfulness often Creates some of our Happiest Memories!

For many of us, Christmases past contain some Joyful Memories – some traumatic ones, too perhaps, although I would venture a guess that the latter are more often than not from Christmases for which we didn’t plan as well.

This Year is a very unique and challenging one.

Christmas will not be the same.

We know this.

Perhaps Large Family Gatherings will not be taking place – Less Travel…

For those of us in New York, no crowds at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree,

And no massive crowds in stores…

Shopping & Shipping will likely be even more Online than in years past,

And we might be buying Less this Year overall, as for many of us, we are facing severe or more severe financial hardship.

Good to take an inventory and know where things stand.


We have 75 Days!

Lets’ take some time and think about all the things we would ideally like to do for the people we Love to make them Happy! And by that, we make our Soul Happy!

Lets’ envision the Better World in which we would like to be Living!

Hopefully, by this Christmas, we will have a new Governmental Administration.

But Maybe Not!

Hopefully, we will have an approved vaccine against Coronavirus that works and is readily available to us.

But Probably Not!

Hopefully, we will be with Loved Ones.

But perhaps not as many as we had hoped…

We can begin to make a choice now:

Do we wish to envision and prepare for our Worst Christmas Ever?

Or do we wish to envision and prepare for our Best Christmas Ever?

What if we took some time Now, this weekend, and just sat down with a piece of paper or some phone app, and jotted down a few special ideas of things we might want to do or make happen for Christmas this year?

What if we jotted down for ourselves our vision for Christmas 2020?

Has it been a tough year? What if we gave ourselves permission to envision for ourselves the Very Best Christmas – one that would make the Whole Year worth it?

Are there some special recipes we might like to make?

Someone with whom we’d like to be in touch?

A Zoom Christmas Party we might like to coordinate before everyone’s calendars get filled with obligations…

Is there an elderly neighbor or shut-in who could use our socially-distanced help?
Are their Local Charities at which we might like to look into some volunteering at the Holidays?

Is there someone we need to Forgive?

Is there someone for whom we’d like to do something personal that would take some time to prepare?

Maybe we want to hand paint some items from a craft store to give as gifts?

Perhaps we want to write or draw some gifts this year?

Perhaps we want to think about engaging our family in a White Elephant Gift Exchange, by mail (in which names are picked, and each person gives up one thing they own that they think the family member they’ve picked will just LOVE, so the only new cost involved is shipping).

Begin Planning.


What I would LOVE is if I were Very Wealthy and could just send everyone I know a check for a thousand dollars as a Christmas Gift this year and help to make people’s situations easier.

But that is not the case at the moment.

So now to figure out the next Best Thing…

Other Ways I can make people’s Lives easier…


More JOYful…

Christmas is Coming.

It’s 75 Days Away.

And there is plenty of time to plan for how we would like to Celebrate the Season of Kindness and Giving and Love this year…

Time to think Creatively about ways we can spread JOY and Help Others!

Time to Create a New Kind of JOYful Experience for ourselves and others…

Sure we can sit alone and dwell on what a miserable year it’s been and indulge in our woes.

But that would be to miss the entire point!
We can get off the pity pot,


Take a Step Forward

And embrace the Possibility of what this upcoming Holiday Season could be for us!

Has there ever been a time when JOYFULNESS would be More Welcome!

Get Ready…

Let us Open our Minds and our Hearts

To Creative Possibility

And the World as we would Like it to Be!

Prepare for JOY!

#  #  #


Ruth Bader Ginsburg

It has been said that in Jewish Tradition, when someone dies on Rosh Hashanah that they are a “Tzaddik,” a Righteous, Holy, and very rare Person.

“Tzaddik” comes from the Hebrew word for Justice.

NPR reporter Nina Totenberg further clarified this tradition on Twitter: “A Jewish teaching says those who die just before the Jewish new year are the ones God has held back until the last moment bc they were needed most & were the most righteous.”

What a challenge this year 2020 seems to offer.

Will we choose Hope & Faith over Despair?

Be sure to click on Page 2 Below to Read the rest…

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Start Something


A Meme from the Internet

Start Something!
Start Something with Courage, Confidence and Compassion!

BRENT CARVER, one of our Community’s most Gifted Actors, once defined, the three basic requirements for good acting: Courage, Confidence and Compassion.

BRENT died a few weeks ago, marking a profound and tragic loss to the Theater, both as an art form and an industry! His unique Talent was somewhat unmatchable…

Are you sad and angry and confused right now?
I am!
How can anyone not be!
Read the full post »

World Right Side Up

A dozen or so years ago,
I visited a Shaman.
He waved a large eagle wing back and forth over me.
He took me on a Journey of Soul Retrieval – we did not see the wolf which I am given to understand means that my Soul did not need to be retrieved. Apparently, I have all of it with me – so that’s a relief!
He danced and chanted and drank some green juice from a glass bottle with a long thin neck – then gargled and spit it across my body…
That doesn’t happen every day!
He explained to me that there is a group of Shamans from all over the World who meet in some sacred place — maybe somewhere in South America — once every fifty years to hold sacred ceremonies for several days during which they receive a Message from the gods about the World in the coming Half Century.
He told me that in the 1950’s when they had last met, the Message they received was,
“World Upside Down!”
More recently, just after the start of this Century, they convened once again and received the Message for this Half Century:
“World Rightside Up!”

Events of these past two decades – and in particular, these past three and a half years – may not make us feel that the World is Rightside Up! Quite the contrary, it feels we are through the Looking Glass, especially this past 100 days or so.
And yet… Read the full post »

Easter Basket Surprises

In the Christian Calendar, Today is Easter Sunday, the most Sacred Day of the Year!
In the Jewish Calendar, we are in the season of Passover!
In the Islamic Calendar, the Feast of Ramadan begins this month

It is a Holy & Blessed Time!
Perhaps, today when we look around, it is all too easy to focus upon what we are without.
Let us shift our vision and Awaken Now to how Blessed we are!
Easter celebrates our Life Force and our Love triumphing over the limitations of mere flesh…
Passover celebrates how Looked after and Protected we are – and how a Power Greater than Ourselves is Always looking out for us as we walk through any crisis, difficulties and challenges in this world…
Ramadan is a time of Spiritual Reflection, Self-Improvement, and Heightened Devotion…
Which of us could not benefit from any aspect of these Celebrations right now? Read the full post »

Blood On His Hands

A Rendering from the Internet

I generally try to keep a positive attitude.
But how can one keep silent!?
And is Speaking Out against injustice not ultimately a positive statement?
In the description of this Blog it promises that I offer a Mostly Positive Outlook with the occasional Political Rant!
Today, a Political Rant…

It is also worth mentioning that part of why I struggle with posts such as this is that I’ve no wish to contribute to the divisiveness that has overtaken this country – and yet, can we not all agree…
His Entire Administration has BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS!

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Messiest March Ever!

The Original Messy March Celebration (I wasn’t even there!)

Messiest March Ever!

Those of you who follow this Blog know that every year we Celebrate MESSY MARCH!
It is a time of Creative Freedom!
It is a time when we Celebrate making mistakes,
because those who never make mistakes never make Anything!
It is a time to Celebrate doing things imperfectly and recognizing that as both Creative Beings and Human Beings, imperfect is Beautiful!

When I was a child learning how to draw, my Mother told me to draw a straight line.
I reached for a ruler.
“Don’t use the ruler,” she urged me gently. “Do it freehand.”
“Why?” I asked.
“Because it will look better,” she told me. Then in her reassuring, gentle, and Motherly way she nodded and added, “Try it!”
I did – and all I could see was that it was not perfectly straight.
“It’s better!” she reassured me, teaching me in that moment that Perfect is Not Better.
True is Better!
This is one of the precepts of MESSY MARCH!

Earlier this month, when the Full Moon, Friday the 13th, and the Ides of March all came together in the same week, Read the full post »


Has there ever been a Greater Opportunity!
Now, we get to Discover Ourselves as Helpers!
It has been just about a week – at least in the life of this busy New York Show Business Professional – and already I have been contacted by at least five people asking me if I need anything or if there is anything they can do to Help.
Support Systems are offering Zoom Conferencing and new ways for us to continue to Care for one another through this.
I had a Zoom Brunch yesterday with a group of friends from across Canada.
People are reaching out by phone and text and social media…
The Digital Age which has challenged me every day since its arrival turns out to be one of our Greatest Miracles, after all
Connecting our Humanity.
I am overwhelmed by the Awakening of Compassion that I feel vibrating through the world!

These are challenging times!
I recognize that people are struggling, out-of-work, and feeling the financial and food insecurities that are now prevalent in a Country under the government of dONALD tRUMP’s Administration.
I do not mean to minimize any of that.

But Read the full post »