Sweetest Day

Happy Sweetest Day!

Today is Sweetest Day Celebrated the Third Saturday of October. As a kid growing up, I became enamored with the local Hallmark Card store that was on my walk to school. I became friendly with the family that owned it, and eventually worked there, decorating the windows or handling the register… I was probably 12 years old the first time I entered that store. It was right around this time of year, and Harrison who was to become one of my very best friends was wrestling with a crepe paper tissue monster to get it displayed in time for Halloween. Back then, Halloween decorations went up in October, and Christmas decorations went up in December. Life was simpler, then. Sweetest Day was a holiday brought (more…)

37 Minutes

HomelessArrived at Penn Station 7:42 pm
Rushing down 33rd Street toward the subway,
a Man says to me, “Excuse me, Sir, May I ask you a Question?”
Enough of a New Yorker to know that a Question means a request for Money, I apologize and say I am in too much of a Hurry.
He calls after me, “Would you buy me something to eat?”
I keep walking.
After twenty yards or so, I can continue no further.
I rush back. (more…)