So Much to Celebrate

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Christmas is a Season, not a Day.
It is a State of Mind.
It is a Grand Arc of Unbridled JOY!
It is a Time for Unabashed Kindness and BoldFace Love!

It is too early to be talking about Christmas, of course!
The Street Decorations went up this week in my neighborhood,
And there are Ugly Sweater Cookie Cutter Sets available at the SuperMarket.
This is all about Commercial Retail Playing Us to get some coins from our purse.
Not for me.
However, the Season to focus on Spiritual Growth and JOY has already Begun!

A Day for Fun…

Let it be a Day for Fun!
Silliness and Treats and Creativity and Imagination…

Halloween is about Social Activities.
MOM had a Costume Lunch at the Senior Citizen’s Center on Friday.
I found her a Fabulous Witch Hat.
And she seemed to enjoy that!
I asked how it was, and if she wore her Hat.
“YES!” she replied, “And my Orange Coat! Betcha’ didn’t know I even had an Orange Coat!”