Amazing Grace
By Arnold J. Mungioli

I wake up a Crazy Wretch,
Tortured by all that I haven’t achieved,
Insane with perceived lack…
My Inner Critics reveling at a tea party on my head,
Full ground-length lace tablecloth and tea china, perfectly set.
Finger sandwiches of So Many Varieties
Cucumber and Self-Deprecation
Comparings and Clotted Cream
Watercress with No Self Esteem and a sprinkling of “How Dare You” Salt
I wake up choking on a mouthful of these Tiny Sandwiches
Grateful that it’s only High Tea,
And not their Holiday Grand Buffet.

I am awash in my own UnWorthiness.
The Sun Shines in my window,
As if God is looking in, (more…)

Ordinary Days

Hula HoopOrdinary Days
Messy and Clunky
And with So Many things needing to be worked out
Who can tell
Where we are heading or What we would like or When it will all be Fixed??
In the final Act of THORNTON WILDER’s OUR TOWN, Emily asks, ”Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it every, every minute?” (more…)