Ordinary Days

Hula HoopOrdinary Days
Messy and Clunky
And with So Many things needing to be worked out
Who can tell
Where we are heading or What we would like or When it will all be Fixed??
In the final Act of THORNTON WILDER’s OUR TOWN, Emily asks, ”Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it every, every minute?”
In the film “A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE,” the Little Boy asks to return to his Life and the very advanced Aliens can only give him one day.
As Mrs. Gibbs says in OUR TOWN, “No! – At least, choose an unimportant day. Choose the least important day of your life. It will be important enough.”

It’s really Quite Beautiful — The Ordinary.

Just being with someone you Love.
Just being Here.
Just the SunShine.
Just the Rain.
Just the Trees.20140731_161014
Just the Sky.
Just your Spouse
Or Your Mother
Or your Friend
Or your Neighbor
Or that person on the street
Or that street you’ve headed down every morning for years
Or that song you’ve heard before20140919_220629
Or straightening up your Living Space
Or wrestling with your checkbook
… Just the everyday garden variety moments of Life and Relationship
and the world around us…

Train Stations
Doctors Offices
A Favorite Piece of Furniture

The Internet
The Postal System

The Telephone
Skype and FaceTime

Our_TownWe have Lived into a Future that previous generations only dreamed of
We have modern conveniences we take so for granted
When I was in Versailles and again in the palaces of Austria and Spain, I saw commodes — Beautiful Chamber Pots — reminding me that even Kings and Queens did not live with the conveniences of modern plumbing that we enjoy today — even a Century Ago.

Thomas_Crapper_toilet_adModern Medicine — How Grateful am I to still be here on the planet!
Modern Cuisine — How many Delicious Meals have you enjoyed in your Life?20140420_170525IMG_2658
What a Great Gift is our sense of Taste!
Fresh Corn on the Cob
A Nap
IMG_3522Helping MOM write a Letter
Dinner with friends
IMG_2345Routine Exercise
Work… a Job
20140623_154752Being Crazy Busy
That Bauble that shines in your window
20141019_114449Seeing People we Know and Love
Getting together for Conversation
Nowhere Fancy — just coffee, maybe

IMG_2322Honesty — So Messy and Clunky
Openness — Simple but not always Easy
Willingness — Praying for Just That, and That will be enough…

IMG_1301… Just the everyday garden variety moments of Life and Relationship
and the world around us…

What could be More Beautiful
…More Worth Celebrating?
Look Around You…
Here’s to this Day!


# # #

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  1. Another wonderful post, Arnold, such gentle happy reading!

  2. So beautiful. We forget. The beauty in the ordinary. Thanks for the reminder. ❤

  3. And here’s to you, Arnold, for reminding us how beautiful the most ordinary moments of our lives are.

  4. Dara

     /  November 4, 2014

    Yes, even the most ordinary day is really extraordinary. Thank you for providing the pause, the deep breath and a chance to recapture the sense of wonder.

  5. Atif

     /  November 7, 2014

    Love your positive attitude. Thank you for sharing.


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