A Day for Fun…

Let it be a Day for Fun!
Silliness and Treats and Creativity and Imagination…

Halloween is about Social Activities.
MOM had a Costume Lunch at the Senior Citizen’s Center on Friday.
I found her a Fabulous Witch Hat.
And she seemed to enjoy that!
I asked how it was, and if she wore her Hat.
“YES!” she replied, “And my Orange Coat! Betcha’ didn’t know I even had an Orange Coat!”
That was FUN!

MOM in her new Witch Hat

MOM in her new Witch Hat

Halloween is about Dressing Up.
I’ve always been in Show Business,
And Dressing Up is so much a part of what we do
So I never got particularly into the Costume and Dress-Up Aspect of it.
But I do wear my DKNY Orange JumpSuit on Halloween.
I first bought it in Toronto when the EATON CENTER was going out of Business.
It was a Nine-Hundred Dollar DKNY Outfit for Men.
I Loved it, and I wore it quite often just for Fun,
And occasionally to torture my Nephews (who would hide their heads in embarrassment at their Uncle who was dressed like a Prison Inmate picking up Trash along the side the road in California!)
Now THAT was FUN!

With our friend DEB a few years ago with me as a DKNY Model :)

With our friend DEB a few years ago with me as a DKNY Model 🙂 

But now, as I’ve gotten Older, I pretty much only wear it on Halloween.
People will say, “Oh, are you a Jack O’Lantern?”
Or “Are you a Prisoner?”
My response is always the same, as I point to the “DKNY Logo above the front zipper:
“Fuck You! I’m a DKNY Model!!!”

And That’s FUN!

Halloween is about Trick Or Treating.
My GrandMother used to tell me how they used to do it on ThanksGiving when she first came to America.
It wasn’t called “Trick Or Treating;” it was called “Begging.”
And you would go door to door and call out “Anything for ThanksGiving?”

Halloween is about Big Bags of Candy…
My Partner introduced me to www.GlobalExchange.org which helps bring awareness to Fair Trade Treats and can teach Children about Fairness in all practices.
I find that Awesome
And worth thinking about…

Halloween is about Spreading Delight.
There’s no Trick or Treaters at our door in our neighborhood.
But we mail treats to Lots of the Kids in our Lives.
My Partner wraps Tootsie Pops in a Tissue with a rubber band and puts two dots for eyes with a black marker, making a Ghost Pop.
It’s a Treat from our ChildHoods that seems to bring Delight to Children even today!

Halloween is about Decorating.
And Simple can be Wonderful!
I’ve carved a Jack-O-Lantern or Two over the Years,
And Decorated the Door of my Apartment with our URSULA WindSock.
I’ve handed out my share of Little Chocolate Pumpkins and Candy Corn…
All Fun!

Halloween is about Creativity!
Carve a Jack O’Lantern.
Decorate your Door.
Make a Ghost Pop.
Play “Monster Mash” recorded in 1962 by Bobby “Boris” Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers (1962) (I play it on repeat Over and Over!)

Cut a pumpkin out of Construction Paper and Decorate it.
Bake a batch of Cookies and Decorate ‘em!
Draw Something Fun!
Write a Scary Ghost Story!
Watch an Old Black and White Horror Movie — something with CLAUDE RAINS, BORIS KARLOFF, VINCENT PRICE, or BELA LUGOSI. (I don’t like the Horror Movies of the Modern Era — they seem to come from a different place. But the Old Ones… Ahhhh!)
Find some Halloween Craft Projects and enjoy them!
Burn a Pumpkin Scented Candle.
Attend a Halloween Parade in your Area.
Go outside and jump in a pile of Leaves!
Delight in the Season…

I did go to a 1980’s Themed Costume Party a few years ago, as DON JOHNSON in MIAMI VICE.
I thought I looked Amazing: White Jacket, Hawaiian Shirt, Boat Shoes, Large Tinted SunGlasses…
There I was, thinking I looked So Hot!
An Old Friend greeted me, took me in, and made an assured Guess:

I’m all For having FUN!
Have a FUN Halloween!

My Nephew goes all out for Halloween these days...

My Nephew goes all out for Halloween these days…

# # #

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  1. Well, OF COURSE, you would bring this fabulous perspective to Halloween. Oh, how I enjoy your blog!

  2. Sue Hochreiter

     /  October 31, 2016

    I started giving out toys instead of candy. The kids love getting them and it gives me an excuse to buy toys and play. Also, it stops me from eating candy. I love seeing the kids in their costumes. I just had a group of kids come to the door. As I was handing out toys one little one said “I told you she gives out lots of good stuff” It’s my reputation in the neighborhood.


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